A Questionable Legal Process with Questionable Judges and Questionable Experts


The inheritance cases of deceased businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı are becoming more and more tangled with each passing day, thanks to legal scandals. Aside from the verdicts resulting in “legal accidents” from the judges, who handle the cases, expert reports that appear to be questionable in terms of sufficiency and impartiality are also coming up; all these events are abusing the trust towards judicial mechanisms.

According to recent information our news center acquired, the latest example of these events is the scandalous report of Expert Mehmet Taş, who was appointed with an “erroneous” ruling of Judge Fehmi Kemal of 19th Civil Court of Peace of Istanbul. In today’s news article, we will be submitting the contradictions in this expert report and what is actually aimed through this so-called report to the attention of our readers.


Having started his professional life with nothing, Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı had succeeded immensely with his ambition, patience and hard work. Following his decease on February 22nd, 2009, he left a substantial inheritance to the family members he left behind.

Said inheritance is expressed with billions of dollars, including numerous real estate properties, precious works of art and a wide collection of paintings…

However, this inheritance just could not have been shared among the heirs, who are all his own family members and reached an impasse through lawsuits that were mutually filed.

Besides the attitudes of certain heirs, which challenge normal human logic and tarnish public conscience, judges that put their signatures under legal scandals under the guise of the law and the so-called reports prepared by “non-experts” with questionable competence and impartiality, whereas they still come forward as experts – which basically take the whole process to a new level that reminds one of FETÖ plots – have also been significant reasons in the inheritance cases dragging on and deadlocks, instead of solutions, being on the agenda…

Tatlıcı Gerçekleri news team presents all facts to the public and readers with news that reveal all this lawlessness against the deceased businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s respectable memory and against the family he left behind. On the other hand, the legal scandals and biased news on media carry on without slowing down, which cause a new article to be added to the exposing news articles…

In today’s news article, we will be sharing with the public and our readers the erroneous report of Mehmet Taş, expert appointed by Judge Fehmi Kemal from 19th Civil Court of First Instance of Istanbul himself, who catch attention with the faulty decisions he made in the past too:


The official will of Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı, dated August 2nd, 1994, had surfaced after his death.

In this will, the deceased businessman disinherited his two sons Ahmet Tatlıcı and Ali Tatlıcı from his first marriage, who were threatening him with death, while he also stated that his other son from this marriage, Mehmet Tatlıcı and his grandchildren benefit from this inheritance according to their reserved portions.

The late businessman left the remaining portion of his inheritance to his second wife Nurten Tatlıcı and his youngest son from this marriage, Uğur Tatlıcı.

After the late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s death, his sons Mehmet Tatlıcı and Ahmet Tatlıcı, as well as his grandchildren Salih Ziya Tatlıcı and Bedriye Kamer Tatlıcı have filed numerous lawsuits, because they did not find the deceased’s will and the distribution of the inheritance to their liking. Aside from cases for the revocation of the will and inheritance (estate) lawsuits, they filed another for the action for reduction. In all these cases, they appear to be the parties that always demand more.

Not satisfied with their reserved portions worth millions of dollars from the inheritance, the heirs, with Mehmet Tatlıcı leading, filed an action for reduction, surpassing the freedom to dispose of their late father Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı, on grounds that it was violating their rights to the inheritance. They staked a claim on the inheritance, which was left to the late businessman’s second wife Nurten Tatlıcı and his youngest son Uğur Tatlıcı from this marriage through this case and even blamed them with smuggling goods from the inheritance.

Said case of action for reduction, handled at the 19th Civil Court of Peace of Istanbul, survived to this day with various legal farces, just like the other inheritance cases, and it carries on with all types of lawlessness, one added on top of the other with each passing day…


According to recent information our news center acquired, the judge who is handling the continuing action for reduction at the 19th Civil Court of Peace of Istanbul, Fehmi Kemal, is about to go down in legal history with the verdicts he ruled in the latest hearings.

The most prominent one of these verdicts is Judge Fehmi Kemal’s verdict to appoint an expert to his liking, as if he is violating the natural functioning of the law, so that he can designate the value of the inheritance and the disposable portion of the legator; whereas there are pending cases for inheritance and the appraisal for the estate is not completed yet…


Judge Fehmi Kemal has ignored the fact that the lawsuits heirs filed for the matrimonial property and its division have not been finalized yet, as well as the existence of an inheritance, the appraisal of which is also not completed:

The heirs are currently engaged in mutually filed lawsuits for accession due to the matrimonial property and a request for the division of matrimonial property, handled in the 1st and 14th Family Courts in Istanbul, both of which are in progress. Thus, as per Article 165 of the Code of Civil Procedure, there is an obligation to put judgment on hold.

While there are pending cases between the heirs (still in progress and not finalized yet) and this is rendering the appraisal of the inheritance almost impossible, Judge Fehmi Kemal’s disregard of the Code of Civil Procedure by acting as he wishes, as if he is saying, “I don’t care, I’ll just appoint my expert and designate the value of the inheritance and the disposable portion of the legator,” actually appears to be “a legal comedy”, staged under the name of the law.


In order to examine the reduction demands of the plaintiffs, the real value of the inheritance and the legator’s, i.e. late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s disposable portion must be determined. However, Judge Fehmi Kemal attempts to determine the value of the inheritance and the legator’s disposable portion as he wishes, instead of waiting for the verdicts to be ruled, designating the values to be added to or subtracted from the valuations of the inheritance as per Article 507 and the continuing provisions of our Civil Code in effect…

In short, it is impossible to carry on the appraisal of an inheritance, if the division of matrimonial property is not finalized; still, Judge Fehmi Kemal of 19th Civil Court of Peace of Istanbul never “minds” these kinds of things and clearly violates the law…

– Judge Fehmi Kemal is trying to rule a verdict to determine the inheritance and the disposable portion of the legator, without waiting for the proceeding lawsuits to be concluded – there are numerous other cases that are yet to be finalized and filed by third parties concerning some of the real estate properties, which are also included in said inheritance:

Late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s estate includes a number of real estate properties and some of them are currently tied up in other cases, filed by third parties such as revocation of title deeds and title deed registrations, aside from the aforementioned inheritance cases.

Despite the existence of these documents and information, which would render the determination of the inheritance impossible and can be found in the filings of the current inheritance case, Judge Fehmi Kemal is able to appoint an expert in an unlawful manner, ruling a verdict concerning the appraisal of the inheritance and the legator’s disposable portion by ignoring Article 165 of the Code of Civil Procedure, instead of merely putting the judgment on hold…


– According to the information our news center acquired, there are over 30 lawsuits filed for actions of debt, in addition to the ownership cases that were mentioned above and these lawsuits are still in progress according to the records of the Court of Probate (2nd Civil Court of Peace of Istanbul), which is the official authority for the administration and appraisal of late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s estate.

The lawlessness in Judge Fehmi Kemal’s rulings is as clear as day, who is handling the action for reduction, for it cannot be possible to determine the inheritance, while there are still dues that are not collected by the administration of the estate, as well as pending cases.


According to another information we acquired, some of the heirs did not pay the full amounts of the fees they were supposed to pay over the total value of the estate, as the inheritance cases are in progress.

It is against the law for Judge Fehmi Kemal to continue proceeding with this action for reduction unless the plaintiffs catch up on their payments, for they have been “managing” by paying small amounts that are quite below the fees they are supposed to pay, as designated by the value of the estate, or not paying any fees at all illegally for 8 years and 9 months:

Said inheritance case proceeding at the Court of Probate has been carrying on for years; during this process, expert reports that the court requested for the determination of the inheritance claimed various amounts for the total value, ranging from 3 million TL to 11 million TL.

This being the case, the amount of fees that Mehmet Tatlıcı, Ahmet Tatlıcı, Salih Ziya Tatlıcı and Bedriye Kamer Tatlıcı, who are the ones filed the cases, have to pay shall be determined over the value of the properties, included in the estate. However, said heirs are either partially paying the fees they are supposed to pay or completely miss out on them with brazen faces.

Therefore, there are petitions that are delivered by the Court to complete the missing fees; yet they are not fully paid yet. Without the full payment of these fees, along with the 11 billion TL valuation of the estate – inflated with the most recent so-called expert report – the amount of fees that the heirs in question must pay should have had “increased”; still, “continuing to miss the payments” and Judge Fehmi Kemal carrying on with the disinheritance case clearly displays the unlawfulness that is in question here.


– There are numerous real estate properties within late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s estate. For over eight years (despite other finalized verdicts from courts during this time), an unfair cautionary judgment was applied on these properties, which is blocking legal gains to be earned from said estates:

According to our news center’s latest intelligence, Mehmet Tatlıcı, Ahmet Tatlıcı, Salih Ziya Tatlıcı and Bedriye Kamer Tatlıcı – the heirs who filed for the lawsuit concerning the estate, ensured excessive and nonproportional cautionary judgments on the properties, which are expressed to be valued at hundreds of millions of Turkish Liras and US Dollars and without providing any collateral whatsoever. This way, they made sure that these properties were subjected to legal restrictions.

Each one more scandalous than the other, these verdicts and the judges who ruled them aside, it is also observed that provisional judgments are applied, in accordance with the conclusions of other inheritance cases, which were finalized over time; just like the ones that are highly over the portions of inheritance of heirs Ahmet Tatlıcı and Salih Ziya Tatlıcı.

In addition, cautionary judgments are imposed on all asset values that late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı left behind. The main goal of the plaintiffs at this point is to dismay heirs Nurten Tatlıcı and Uğur Tatlıcı through unfair, unlawful and unwarranted charades, against whom they filed many lawsuits, so that they can acquire more funds from the inheritance. This is as clear as day. However, the Court is still blocking the assets of the defendants through such nonproportional and unmeasured applications – this a violation of their constitutional rights in and of itself, besides putting them in an economically unfavorable position, which are unacceptable with respect to both the law and humanity.

Moreover, such unlawful actions are keeping said assets idle for years and wasting their potential value, which can be of benefit to the national economy.

These unlawful events, occurring without the revocation of the cautionary judgments on the estate through false expert reports to appraise the properties turn out to be yet another “legal accident” with the signature of Judge Fehmi Kemal of the 19th Civil Court of Peace underneath them.


Aforementioned facts aside, the detailed investigations of our news team revealed that Judge Fehmi Kemal from the 19th Civil Court of Peace of Istanbul, appointing an expert is yet another lawlessness, which shall be evaluated in and of itself.

– This is because of the interim decision dated April 11th, 2017 and ruled by the very same Court; accordingly, it was decided that an expert report by a real estate appraisal company registered under the Capital Markets Board was required for the appraisal of all assets, which are registered within the estate and are in question with the lawsuit.

Yet, Judge Fehmi Kemal chose to appoint an expert as he wishes, as if there is no interim decision, stating that a real estate appraisal company must produce said report, and basically said to Mehmet Taş, who is a civil engineer, “Come and prepare an expert report that assesses all these real estate properties.”

However, three experts were already selected during the previous lawsuit; all of them were actual experts, including lecturers from different universities.


With all the apparent facts, Judge Fehmi Kemal’s decision to leave the examination and appraisal of all these real estate properties to a single individual, instead of a real estate appraisal company registered to the CMB as per the interim decision, sets yet another lawless example, conducted under the name of the law.

– Despite the exceeding of the prescribed time to produce it, the late report was included in the case filing:

The investigations of our news team unveils another truth as well.

Accordingly, the oath and delivery records for the expert in the case files were created on May 12th, 2017. At the same time, it is mandatory for the expert to finalize the report in 90 days and submit it to the Court. This period ends on August 10th, 2017. One day before the designated date, i.e. on August 9th, 2017, the request from the expert to be granted 15 extra days was rejected by the Court’s Judge (Fehmi Kemal).

That being the case, it is another legal scandal that Judge Fehmi Kemal allowed said report to be included in the case files, which was submitted on October 10th, 2017, whereas he should have declared it null and void, for it had been months after the 90 day period to produce the report expired…

The period to prepare these types of expert reports for such cases is prescribed quite clearly. For example, Article 274 of the Code of Civil Procedure includes the provision, stating that “the period to be granted for the production of the expert report cannot exceed three months.” Accordingly, it is also designated that “the expert, failing to deliver the report in the prescribed period shall be dismissed and replaced with another expert.”

Thus, Judge Fehmi Kemal should have declared the late report of Mehmet Taş, whom he appointed himself (disregarding the Court’s previously taken interim decision) as per his own wishes, null and void, for he exceeded the period of time prescribed by the law. However, Judge Fehmi Kemal unfortunately did not refrain from practicing “his own kind of law”, instead of true law’s requisites…

All these lawless actions as revealed by the aforementioned and explained facts are, much to our dismay, displayed with brazen faces and under the name of the law.

At this point, it should also be stated that “expert” Mehmet Taş’s report contains serious errors; the Court’s acceptance of such an erroneous report will also go down in history as another legal scandal.


The information and documents our news team acquired reveal grave errors in the report of expert Mehmet Taş, who was unlawfully appointed by Judge Fehmi Kemal.

The almost 900-page report of Mehmet Taş, who is a civil engineer, was included in the case files as a reminder of how faulty, careless, untruthful and biased an expert report can be and so it will be remembered as such in our legal history too…

A summary of the faulty, erroneous, untruthful and biased content of said almost 900-page report of Mehmet Taş are presented to our readers below:

– The zoning status and registries of deeds of the assets in the estate are not included in “expert” Mehmet Taş’s report.

– The abstract, tabulating all the properties in the estate does not include significant real estate properties in the “expert report”; yet, those that were not included in the table in question are mentioned later in the report, which is a great conflict.

– Some real estate properties are not included in the report; thus the estate values are attempted to be painted undervalued.

At this point, there are also certain “interesting coincidences” that were recorded within the context of the action for reduction, which we would also like to submit to our readers’ disposal:


This report of “expert” Mehmet Taş repeats similar mistakes to another “expert” report, which was submitted to the Court during another legal process, which was linked with this case by plaintiff Mehmet Tatlıcı’s attorney (For detailed information concerning the “expert report” prepared by Murat Okan, a financial advisor that Mehmet Tatlıcı found in the past, please see: “Can a financial advisor become a real estate expert?”).

So, the errors in the “report”, which was prepared by a so-called expert found by Mehmet Tatlıcı, contains the exact same errors of another “report”, which was prepared by yet another so-called expert, appointed by Judge Fehmi Kemal…

It is actually a legal scandal for two errors to exist in two separate expert reports, which were supposed to be different than one another, besides tangibly revealing that said reports are not impartial…

How this “coincidence” occurred – we are leaving that to our readers’ discretion. We are also expecting that the answers to all these questions are to be sought from “expert” Mehmet TAŞ.

Other parties that must answer too are, Judge Fehmi Kemal, who appointed this “expert” in the first place and plaintiff Mehmet Tatlıcı, who found the previous “expert” Murat Okan and obtained it.


Mehmet Taş, who is a civil engineer, “proving” with this so-called expert report that he knows “everything”, either does not realize what is requested of him or quite possibly he did not read a single line of the document he signed; because in his “report”, he noted the values of the properties which are not at issue at the action for reduction at his own will.

Since we cannot provide examples for all of them, we would like to present a few of the very striking examples to our readers’ disposal:

For example,

– Former Pilma Battery Industry Inc. factory building in Kağıthane, Şişli district of Istanbul City, not actively used;

– Tat International Golf Club, Tat Beach Golf Resort, and National Golf Club in Antalya City.

– The property registered at Block 118 and Layout 33 in Kemeraltı Beyoğlu district in Istanbul City.

None of the above-mentioned properties were at issue during the case; on the contrary, they are the personal estates of Nurten Tatlıcı, second wife of late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı and Uğur Tatlıcı, their son from this marriage; meaning that said properties are within their ownership only.

Yet, “expert” Mehmet Taş was able to submit the so-called report he “prepared” (or perhaps served to him by others) audaciously to Judge Fehmi Kemal from 19th Civil Court of Peace of Istanbul, who appointed him as the expert…


These people are the expert and the man, who appointed the expert and is to rule a verdict according to his so-called report; i.e. Judge FEHMI KEMAL.

As can be seen, both the manner of “appointment of the expert” and the “expert report” itself contain substantial errors. They represent the “shenanigan” to include heirs Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı’s personal properties in the properties at issue with the case here.

Naturally, all these “charades” remind us of someone, who has been pursuing to take a few more millions (either Turkish Liras or US dollars, does not really matter apparently), “working” with the logic of “what if it works” through the army of lawyers at his disposal, finding “the gray areas of the law”:

Observe the case, the plaintiff + the expert, the expert report and monitor the money = whoever holds the personal gain will be the answer to your question concerning how such grave errors were conducted in this so-called expert report…

The aforementioned equation, which we presented to our readers, also possesses the obvious answer to the question of whether there is a mistake made by the expert or (prepared in this way for it was to the benefit of certain people) “a report” that was served to this so-called expert, which he later signed and submitted to the judge that appointed him…


It is Mehmet Tatlıcı, who filed for this case, despite the fact that his late father Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı left him a substantial inheritance worth millions of dollars that ensures him to live in wealth and luxury.

The very same Mehmet Tatlıcı submitted another so-called report to the Court on May 23rd, 2016; this report carried the signature of a financial advisor (named Murat Okan), who he claimed to be an expert.

This report contained the exact same mistakes; meaning that the real estate properties under the ownership of Mehmet Tatlıcı’s step brother Uğur Tatlıcı and his late father’s second wife Nurten Tatlıcı, which were not at issue during the case were included in the so-called report of financial advisor Murat Okan; just like the report of “expert” Mehmet Taş…


Let us simplify this matter for our readers:

The same case filing has two separate expert reports added recently (other than those that were included well in advance).

Plaintiff Mehmet Tatlıcı, who made sure that a financial advisor named Murat Okan wrote the report, brings the first one of these reports and submits it to the court. The date was May 23rd, 2016.

Approximately 1 year and 5 months after this so-called expert report was added into the case files, another brand new “report” that was prepared by another “expert”, this time appointed by the Court’s Judge, was added to the case files too. The date: October 10th, 2017.

These “reports”, produced by two different “experts” on different dates somehow “result” in ways that favor Mehmet Tatlıcı and every one of these results turn out to be built on unlawful, unjust and illogical foundations…

We are quite curious to see how and on what grounds Judge Fehmi Kemal from 19th Civil Court of Peace of Istanbul will place all of these, considering the foundations, procedures and specifically the Code of Civil Procedure and what verdict he will rule. As the news team at Tatlıcı Gerçekleri, we will closely follow up on all the developments on behalf of the public conscience.


The precedent comparison methods that Mehmet Taş claimed to have utilized in his report, as well as his index usage without clarifying how the values of past years were calculated, are against the law and the procedure.

The information that was disclosed under the guise of precedent comparison merely consists of a few prices from a number of real estate agents, directly being written in the report.

This method is not one that can be used in an expert report, which is to be submitted to a Court to appraise real estate properties; thus, it is inevitable that said numbers, included in the report for appraisal will raise some suspicions with respect to accuracy and precision.

Moreover, the material truths and data, on which the criteria values that were used in the price estimation for the properties are based, are not clear either, for the attributes of the precedent properties are not elaborated in the report.

Similarly, in this very same “report”, an index usage is mentioned, as the previous values of the properties were calculated – for example, including the years 2009 and 2010 – yet; how this calculation was conducted and with what data are not disclosed.

This also obscures the criteria, according to which the review of the said report will be carried out. However, the method and calculation indexes of an expert report should be controllable.

In short, the almost-900-page “expert report”, claimed to have been prepared by Mehmet Taş and later included in the case files, does not appear to be written by people, who actually have expertise in their fields, in terms of the report’s purpose, method and the grounds, on which it lies.

Similarly, this “report” also does not carry the characteristics of an expert report, which should have been produced by utilizing the information, skills and techniques that an expert must possess and in light of scientific data.

Since the report does not have a valid methodology, it will also be challenging to identify what it evaluates and according to which criteria. The “expert report” of Mehmet Taş is far from both being reviewable and providing tangible information for real estate appraisal in such a case; hence, it cannot be taken into consideration as it is…


The report contains grave calculation errors, which we find quite challenging to rationalize.

For example, there is a significant addition error of 246 million Turkish Liras over the total value of the properties of reduction, which are claimed to belong to Nurten Tatlıcı. “Somehow” this error serves the purposes of the party that filed for this lawsuit:

“Expert” Mehmet Taş never revealed an acceptable method of calculation concerning how he appraised the value of the properties for reduction, which he claims to be in possession of the defendants, in addition to putting in inflated numbers that have no proportion with their market values. When the numbers he provided in his own report are added, it yields 3,068,974,074 TL. Yet, Mehmet Taş (he apparently is a civil engineer, but we presume he either does not have a calculator or he does not get along well with simple arithmetic) has jotted down 3,315,182,301 TL

There is a substantial difference between the two: 246,208,227.

So who will pocket this amount over 246 million (unless the truth is discovered): The party that filed for the lawsuit; i.e. Mehmet Tatlıcı of course…

What a “calculation error”, isn’t it? We are leaving it to our readers’ discretion…


On top of it all – all these “arithmetic errors” – the information and documents our news team acquired revealed that “expert” Mehmet Taş had other “masterpieces” he pulled off in this “report”…

We would like to submit a few noteworthy examples from amongst tens of other appraisal errors to our readers’ disposal:

For instance,

A large number of villas in the compound in Beykoz district of Istanbul, known as Beykoz Konaklari that consist of luxurious villas, are some of the real estate properties within the estate of late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı.

“Expert” Mehmet Taş determined the following values for numbers A85, A86 and A124 from these villas by disclosing that he used the method of comparing precedents:

As of the date of decease of late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı, which is February 22nd, 2009 4,063,431 TL;

– As of the date when Mehmet Tatlıcı filed for the lawsuit, which is February 16th, 2010 4,917,430 TL and

– As of July 2017 8,729,000 TL.

It is observed that “Expert” Mehmet Taş did draw on the sales prices of some villas within Beykoz Konakları as he conducted the appraisal; yet, he did not take the locations and square meter sizes of the aforementioned villas into account.

Any citizen of ours, who wishes to know the value of the villas today, can visit the location (without being an expert or a specialist), and see for him/herself the amount of millions of dollars, which would be the sale price. Then, they can also see that the numbers “expert” Mehmet Taş provided are way below the precedents or their true values.

All these are tangible facts, displaying how carelessly, imprecisely and contradictory the “expert report” has been produced.

Tens of “other kinds of” appraisal “mistakes” can also be observed in this “report”, written by Mehmet Taş (or the 900 page text he was served and simply signed under the guise of “expert”).

We are presenting a few “interesting” examples from amongst tens of others to our readers:

For instance,

The value for the property in Beylerbeyi neighborhood in Üsküdar district of Istanbul with the block number 1702 and layout number 9 in its title deed registry, was determined 100,307,200 TL in the previous expert report within the case file (dates April 3rd, 2015). Yet, the report dated October 10th, 2017, written by Mehmet Taş states the same property’s value as 55,128,750…

The difference between these two is 45,178,450 Turkish Liras, to be exact.


The statement of “expert” Mehmet Taş was, “the historical buildings here do not have material values, and therefore only the land values have been taken into account, by reaching to the conclusion that a valuation is not required for these buildings.”

However, the reality is not at all like the justification of Mehmet Taş – or in other words, his “camouflaging.” As is explained above, an expert report, which was prepared by real experts, designates a value that is 45 million Turkish Liras higher than the value Mehmet Taş suggests.

An overall evaluation of the “report” reveals that Mehmet Taş sought the easy way out as he was preparing it and his precedents were the exemplary sales of similar properties. At this point, the property in question has an incredible view of the Bosphorus, while other properties at the same location are being sold with 2,007 US dollars per square meter. Yet, “expert” Mehmet Taş determined a value of 1,250 TL per square meter for this property…

1,250 TL on one hand, 2,007 USD on the other… We wonder what “expert” Mehmet Taş was thinking.

Similarly, the attempt of Mehmet Taş to display the properties within the estate of late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı below par also catches attention. There are tens of similar examples in the almost 900 page report he prepared.


While Mehmet Taş continued to display the properties within late Mehmet Salih Bey’s estate with values below their real and precedent ones through “appraisal” and “calculation errors”, the examples of which we have provided above, as the “expert”, he simultaneously did the exact opposite and showed some above par values for some other properties “with the same reflexes”…

Now, let us take a look at the “finesse” of “expert” Mehmet Taş’s work here:

For example,

The value of the property belonging to Nurten Tatlıcı with the block number 320 and layout number 9 in Yeniköy neighborhood of Sarıyer district in Istanbul, was estimated through the favorite method of Mehmet Taş, “the method of comparison of precedents” as below:

– As of the date of decease of late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı, which is February 22nd, 2009; 106,792,843 TL;

– As of the date when Mehmet Tatlıcı filed for the lawsuit, which is February 16th, 2010; 114,077,175 TL and

– As of July 2017; 202,500,000 TL.

Now let us take a look at the real value of said property, the estimated value of which was provided as mentioned above:

First of all, the abovementioned property does not hold an occupancy permit. Determination of such a high value for a property without one is contradictory to mere logic, rationale and the fundamentals of market economy. At this point, “expert” Mehmet Taş specifically failed to “report” that this property was included in a natural protected area; thus, is under protection against housing…

Furthermore, another expert report dated April 9th, 2013 in the case files concerning the same real estate property determined the value of it for the year 2010 as 40,000,000 TL; whereas the “report” of Mehmet Taş dated October 10th, 2017 values it at 106,792,843 TL and for July 2017; 202,500,000 TL as we mentioned above.


Determining such a high value for a property that is within a natural protected area and without even an occupancy permit actually reveals the kind of expert Mehmet Taş is and how “this report” is so far from the truth and unreliable, despite taking almost 900 pages.

There are tens of other examples in said “expert report” of Mehmet Taş, besides the ones we have covered above, which we assessed via the findings of our news team.

At this point, it catches the attention that “expert” Mehmet Taş showed the values of properties, registered under the name of late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı, below par; yet, when it came to the appraisal of properties of Nurten and Uğur Tatlıcı, against which Mehmet Tatlıcı has filed lawsuits before, he determined values that were above par, compared to previous expert reports.


There are certain other noteworthy and “fine adjustments” in this report. The “charade” at play here is exemplified below:

For instance,

The difference between the appraised values of an apartment on the second floor, facing a park in the backyard and the apartments with Bosphorus views on fourth and sixth floors; all of which are in the property with the block number 1759 and layout number 35 in Harbiye neighborhood in Şişli district of Istanbul, is very little: The estimated value for the apartment with the Bosphorus view is 4,095,300 TL, whereas that of the apartment on the second floor is 3,828,400 TL.

Such a low price difference, while the two apartments in question have a world of difference between them, is further proof that the “report” of Mehmet Taş was prepared ever so carelessly. There is another matter here that shall not be overlooked; the apartment facing the backyard belongs to Nurten Tatlıcı and the ones with Bosphorus views belong to late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı…

So what do we know now?

According to the “report” of “expert” Mehmet Taş, the values of the properties that belong to Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı are somehow always below those of their precedents and the values of the ones that belong to Nurten and Uğur Tatlıcı are always above…

The striking examples below were added to the report “with the same logic”:

For example, according to the investigations of our news team, the value of Akmerkez in Etiler district of Istanbul is 800 million TL in Istanbul Stock Exchange as of October 2017. Yet, the buildings that are right behind Akmerkez, belonging to Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı, were determined to have a 2 billion TL price in the “expert report” of Mehmet Taş.

The same contradictions are also observed with twin business towers – Tat Towers in Istanbul Zincirlikuyu district.

These buildings have quite a low total value – 4 billion 300 million TL, “according to the report” of Mehmet Taş. At the same time, Zorlu Center and Çiftçi Towers, surrounding the twin towers, have the value of 7 – 8 thousand USD per square meter under the current market conditions. There is a great difference between these numbers, as can be proved by even a simple web search. At this point, “expert” Mehmet Taş appears to be in an attempt to undervalue Tat Towers again, which is a real estate property, included in the estate.

It is once again, clearly seen that the expert report was prepared with the mindset of serving some people’s interests, rather than carrying the purpose of being a scientific and technical inspection.


However, this many and repeating mistakes in a “report” that was supposedly produced by an “expert” is not only inconceivable by a rational, logical and conscientious person, but it is also impossible with respect to market conditions too. There is, in fact, an obvious “game” at play here:

The report displays the properties within the estate of late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı with lower values and those that are registered under the names of Nurten and Uğur Tatlıcı with very high values than their precedents’ and their normal values.


For according to other court rulings that were finalized, the portion of Mehmet Tatlıcı, who filed the lawsuit, is only 12/128 as per his reserved portion of the inheritance, whereas Uğur Tatlıcı has 51/128 and Nurten Tatlıcı has 41/128.

In this case, Mehmet Tatlıcı aims to kill two birds with one stone:

On one hand, he will ensure that Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı receive less money from both the inheritance and the goods that are included in the reduction; on the other, he will overvalue the properties of Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı, thanks to false expert reports during the action for reduction and make sure that his pockets are to be filled even more.

It is yet another part of the same game that the so-called expert report of Mehmet Taş is trying to show the goods of Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı, which are not included in the reduction, as if they are at issue. This is because the more they will deprive Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı of goods and/or properties, the more Mehmet Tatlıcı will have…

The investigations of our news team also bring the remarkable difference between the three previous expert reports in the case file and the “report” of Mehmet Taş, dated October 10th, 2017, to light:

Accordingly, there is a difference over 5 billion TL between the total values of the properties, identified in the report of Mehmet Taş and identified in the previous reports. This difference actually introduces an extra 5,637,384,000 TL in plaintiff Mehmet Tatlıcı’s favor, as designated in the report of Mehmet Taş.

What a game, right? We are, once again, leaving it to our readers’ discretion…


“These games” were always being “played” in the same way through some support from the media, ever since Mehmet Salih Bey passed away.

At this point, the commissioned news with media support were in play, thanks to “special news” penned by so-called journalists, whose names were associated with FETÖ cases and interrogations.

For example, the “journalist” Dinçer Gökçe wrote some “special news” on Hürriyet newspaper’s website on October 13th, 2017. Said “news” piece made a reference to the “report”, written by “expert” Mehmet Taş and took nearly 900 pages, which we have submitted for our reader’s information above. Yet, said report of Mehmet Taş, which the news piece made references to, was not even delivered to the attorneys of the parties and those who are handling the case; on top of it all, it was not even transferred yet to ÜYAP – the IT system of the Ministry of Justice…

In this case, how did “journalist” Dinçer Gökçe end up having this almost 900-page long report, when nobody, including the attorneys of the case, knew about it and how did it become a special news article all of a sudden? How did Dinçer Gökçe find the time to go through this 900-page report in such a short time and penned “special news” regarding that?

Obviously, the report in questions was already “served” to so-called journalist Dinçer Gökçe before. And just like the previous lawsuits Mehmet Tatlıcı filed, he was merely doing justice to “his role” by taking his place on the “stage” to display the media part of the scripts…

Just like the games before…


Judges, who rule verdicts as per old provisions of the law, which are not in effect anymore;

Judges, who rule verdicts that are contrary to procedural laws and provisions through inadequate and biased expert reports, offering contradictory information;

A prosecutor, who tried to submit the petition, including the unfair, unjust and unwarranted criminal complaints of heir Mehmet Tatlıcı against his step brother and his late father’s second wife, as if it is true and turned it into a one-sided lawsuit, but later got caught just as he was trying to flee abroad and put on trial on grounds that he was a FETÖ member;

The FETÖ partisan attorney of heir Mehmet Tatlıcı, who similarly fled abroad and is now sought with a red notice by INTERPOL;

The “journalists”, who penned one-sided news pieces about Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı, the other heirs that heir Mehmet Tatlıcı is targeting, and who are either in prison nowadays, on grounds that they are FETÖ members or are out on parole; and

The heirs, attacking and attacking other family members with great grudge and hatred, despite their portions of millions of dollars…

These facts were provided in the news articles on Tatlıcı Gerçekleri news site and the section, Perde Arkası (Behind the Curtain) for all our readers and public to read.

We are going to keep unveiling the charades, targeting late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s respectable name, his memory and those he left behind and present the facts with relevant proof to our readers.


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