Another Protection Order Issued for the Family of the Deceased


Following the most recent letter of DEATH THREAT against Nurten Tatlıcı, wife of late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı, and Uğur Tatlıcı, the businessman’s youngest son, left by “anonymous” hands to the grave of Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı, 1st Family Court of Istanbul issued a ruling for the STATE PROTECTION of Nurten Tatlıcı and Uğur Tatlıcı, along with a precautionary warning against MEHMET TATLICI, son of the deceased from his first marriage, and Murat Yüce, who has been taking action with Mehmet Tatlıcı for years, to remain at a distance from the victims of the violent attack, Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı, on the date of October 22nd, 2020.

Another verdict was also ruled as a warning that in the event of their violation of this ruling by the Magistrate, MEHMET TATLICI and MURAT YÜCE are to be subjected to imprisonment.

The problem exceeds the dimensions of a simple matter of inheritance among family members and unfortunately escalates to threatening someone’s life…

Since the death of late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı, the games that are being played over his estate and inheritance continue at full speed along with the family he left behind.

Along with the mafiatic threats, which have been present for a few years now, the situation is not merely a matter of inheritance disputes within the family anymore, it assumed a new aspect of direct DEATH THREATS.

Along with these mafiatic death threats targeting Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı, the problems within Tatlıcı family is now more than a mere inheritance case; they gained a whole new dangerous ground, where human lives are in question

What lies at the core of the matter?

At the very foundations of the matter, occurring within Tatlıcı family and is evaluated as inheritance disputes before the public eye, the most prominent pillar is the official will of late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı, which surfaced after his passing and was read to the family members by his lawyer, as well as the distribution of the inheritance as per this will.

However, our investigations of our news crew revealed the games, played over the official will, inheritance and family of late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı since his passing on February 22nd, 2009, as well as the facts that surround these developments, showing that the family of the late businessman was directly targeted with a systematic smear campaign and various plots with the involvement of FETO-supporting prosecutors, lawyers and journalists over time, despite the whole situation starting off as a simple dispute over the inheritance…

The will of Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı and the heirs, who do not accept said will

In addition to his ambition, patience and hard-working nature, Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı was a farsighted businessperson, who ensured the brightest place a person can strive for in his professional life as he was successful enough to put his name amongst the wealthiest businesspersons in the world.

The late businessman gave in to his relentless disease and passed away at the age of 78 on February 22nd, 2009. When he passed away, he left behind a substantial inheritance and a unique collection, including many precious paintings and antiques.

Immediately after his death, the official will this charitable businessman penned on August 2nd, 1994, before a notary, surfaced.

In his will, Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı disinherited his children Ahmet Tatlıcı and Ali Tatlıcı from his first marriage (who were claimed to have threatened him with his life) and requested that his other son, Mehmet Tatlıcı, and his grandchildren benefit from the inheritance as per their reserved portions; moreover, he decreed that the remainder of his estate was to be given to his second wife, Nurten Tatlıcı, and their son from this marriage, Uğur Tatlıcı.

The sons and grandchildren from the late businessman objected to this distribution of the inheritance and filed many lawsuits for the revocation of the will and the reevaluation of the estate. Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı, on the other hand, requested that the distribution of the inheritance is carried out as per his wishes in the will.

After long years of the judicial process, Turkish Justice approved the validity of Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s will and ruled that his inheritance is to be distributed among the family members as per his wishes (except for the ruling that Ahmet Tatlıcı is to benefit from the inheritance as per his reserved portion) (For details, please see:  “Supreme Court Refuses the Revocation of the Will”; “Justice is Served Once Again”; “Mehmet Tatlıcı Loses Again”  and “Laughing on the wrong side of his mouth” news stories).

Inheritance cases and criminal complaints… Are they all JUST disputes over the estate?

Another aspect of this lengthy judicial process was the children and grandchildren of late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı, and especially Mehmet Tatlıcı, filing many criminal complaints and lawsuits with unjust, unlawful and ungrounded claims against Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı.

So much so that the criminal complaints filed by Mehmet Tatlıcı against Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı only exceeded 15 in numbers, while there were about 100 lawsuits between the parties.

Prosecutors dismissed all of these criminal complaints with the decision of non-prosecution (for they were all based on “rumors” Mehmet Tatlıcı overheard and he could not set forth any other valid evidence at all). Similarly, all lawsuits Mehmet Tatlıcı filed against Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı were finalized every single time with their exoneration. (For detailed information please see: “Mehmet Tatlıcı Completed a Dozen”; “Mehmet Tatlıcı Renewed His Record”; “How to Discredit Innocent People” and “What Does Mehmet Tatlıcı Want From Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı?” news stories).

The mafiatic threats targeting the family of the late businessman continue at full speed

On the morning of October 10th, 2020, an officer, who works at the graveyard, where late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı also rests, found a plastic envelope on the late businessman’s grave with the names of Nurten Tatlıcı, second wife of Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı, and Uğur Tatlıcı, their son, written with a letter template, and handed it to a security guard of the family.

The envelope turned out to have a threat letter within, which was typed with a computer and printed out as such. The targets of this letter hosting mafiatic threats were, once again, Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı…

Information in this letter proved that Nurten Tatlıcı, who has been grieving her late husband Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı for over 11 years and is keeping a silent life to herself, was being followed in each step (with the notes that were jotted down day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute).

News in Turkish media (Hürriyet, Sabah, Takvim newspapers and ATV news) have gotten headlines out of this event.

This threat letter was also referring to the mafiatic threat note left on the tombstone of Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı (at the tip of a knife, stabbed on the photograph of the wife and youngest son of the deceased) and was mentioning the cases filed abroad, which gives reason to doubt that they were carried out by the same person or persons. We submitted the relevant information about this (as well as the attachment with reflected news on media) to the attention of our readers in our news article “The Deceased is Pestered Even in His Grave”.

The aggrieved family requested protection via lawyers upon this mafiatic threat message. Said request is accepted by the Magistrate of 1st Family Court of Istanbul and Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı started to receive state protection once again with the verdict of the courts on October 22nd, 2020.

Mehmet Tatlıcı and Murat Yüce are issued warnings by the Magistrate

In addition to the verdict on the same date, Magistrate of 1st Family Court of Istanbul ruled that throughout the state protection of the aggrieved family, Mehmet Tatlıcı, son of Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı from his marriage and Murat Yüce (whose name is mentioned in official court and prosecution investigations and relevant records due to taking action alongside Mehmet Tatlıcı in the lawsuits and criminal complaints filed against Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı) shall neither be in closer proximity of Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı nor bother them via communication means and shall not behave or speak in ways that include violence, threats, insults or humiliation or via communication methods; they are warned against the aforementioned points and in the event of their violation, they are to be sentenced to imprisonment for up to 30 days.

How many threats? How many verdicts of injunctions and warnings?

In the past, 11th Family Court of Istanbul also ruled a verdict to take Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı under state protection, which were later renewed and extended with the decision of the Court, because another Mafiatic threat message was left on the grave of Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı on December 20th, 2018, at the tip of the knife, stabbed on the tombstone and attached on a photograph of Nurten Tatlıcı, his grieving wife, and Uğur Tatlıcı, his youngest son, depicting them in tears on the day of his burial, while the note said “You will be crying for so long!!” and “this inheritance will not belong to anyone!!!”.

About six weeks before this incident, on November 8th, 2018, the letter “A” inscribed on Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s grave with a sharp object and very immoral and profane words written on Sultan Tatlıcı’s tombstone, who was mother to Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı, was found as well…

Upon these threat messages, Magistrate of 11th Family Court of Istanbul ruled a verdict on January 15th, 2019 at the time and stated that Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı are to be taken under state protection, while Mehmet Tatlıcı and Murat Yüce are to keep a distance from Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı, not behave or speak in ways that would involve threat of violence, insults, humiliation or abasement and in the event of their violation of these conditions, they are to be sentenced to prison for up to 30 days (For detailed information about this, please see: “A Mafiatic Death Threat to the Family of the Deceased” news story).

Why do Family Courts constantly warn Mehmet Tatlıcı and Murat Yüce?

The investigations of our news crew show that in the days leading up to the event on December 20th, 2018, when a photograph of Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı was found stabbed on the tombstone of late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı with a mafiatic note that directly threatened the family with death, this person by the name of Murat Yüce started to appear quite often in the graveyard, where Mehmet Tatlıcı rests.

Despite the fact that it has been over 11 years since the passing of her late husband, grieving Nurten Tatlıcı starts each new day with a visit to the graveyard. On the date of September 28th, 2018, the person called Murat Yüce appeared all of a sudden before her and said “I came here to pray for late Mehmet Salih Bey”. On October 12th, 2018, as if he was waiting for Nurten Tatlıcı to come visit her late husband’s grave, he waited in the distance and when Nurten Tatlıcı arrived, he approached another grave, without saying anything to her, in order to give the impression that he was “praying” for someone else. Both incidents had witness testimonials, which were recorded officially.

The suspicious behavior of this person, Murat Yüce, was noticed by Nurten Tatlıcı’s personal driver and a complaint was filed about Murat Yüce on October 13th, 2018 to the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office of Istanbul.

However, despite the verdicts of the 11th Family Court of Istanbul, as we summarized above, Murat Yüce continued with the threat messages from his own social media accounts. The investigations of our news crew showed that Murat Yüce shared a photograph he has taken at the graveyard, where Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı also rests, in social media with the following caption: “Always keep in mind that there is death. But the only truth in this false world is DEATH”.

Murat Yüce, whose path has crossed that of Mehmet Tatlıcı in the past, acted in unison with him as well. Upon the incidents, where he frequently appeared before Nurten Tatlıcı during her visits to the graveyard, “showing his face” and carried on with “eerie” messages over his social media accounts, 11th Family Court of Istanbul ruled an additional verdict on March 15th, 2019, stating that Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı were still receiving death threats and their protection was to be extended for several months according to the prior decision of precaution.

In light of all these facts, one immediately asks the following questions:

Who is this Murat Yüce and why does he do all of this to Nurten Tatlıcı, who apparently never did any harm to him?

Why is Murat Yüce taking place as an important actor in the lawsuits Mehmet Tatlıcı and he filed against Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı?

Why did Murat Yüce want to stand side by side with Mehmet Tatlıcı throughout the unjust-unlawful-ungrounded criminal complaints he filed, all of which were based on his claims without any concrete evidence at all, and at the cost of going to jail?

What motivated Murat Yüce to do all this and in exchange of what he was doing it?…

Who is Murat Yüce and how did his path crossed that of Mehmet Tatlıcı?

The relationship between Murat Yüce and Mehmet Tatlıcı actually emerged during a legal process, which reminds one of cautionary tales, as well as going down in the legal history of our country.

Facts revealed over time pointed out that during this legal process, where the paths of Mehmet Tatlıcı and Murat Yüce crossed, a carefully planned smear campaign and plot was in question with the involvement of a prosecutor called Ekrem Beyaztaş, who was later charged of being a member of FETO and later imprisoned, as well as some so-called journalists, whose names were also mixed up with FETO judgments and prosecution investigations

What did happen?

Just one week after the burial of his father, Mehmet Tatlıcı filed a lawsuit against Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı at the Civil Court of Peace of Sarıyer for the qualification of the estate and a request for injunction.

With this move, Mehmet Tatlıcı imposed a cautionary judgment on the many paintings and antiques of late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı, which were stored in the inactive Pilma battery factory in Istanbul’s Kağıthane district, for he claimed that “they may damage his father’s estate and even attempt to smuggle them”. Thus, these paintings, works of art and antique objects, the majority of which actually belonged to Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı and not entirely to late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı, were taken under the protection of the Magistrate of the Court of Probate.

Now at this very point, a new “legal move” was deployed with the involvement of Mehmet Tatlıcı and Murat Yüce…

Targeting Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı and the employees of one of their companies, “this new game” included Mehmet Tatlıcı as “an involved party”; he was blaming Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı for the battery of a security guard, H. K., who works at a firm providing security services to their company. According to him, this was because H. K. knew that Nurten Tatlıcı and Uğur Tatlıcı “were smuggling and stealing some of the old artefacts that may be subject to the inheritance” with the help of some company employees (including Murat Yüce as well).

Mehmet Tatlıcı filed similar criminal complaints to Chief Public Prosecutors of Sarıyer, Şişli and Istanbul districts with a few days apart – without any valid evidence and only based on his own claims. Since the subject matter and the allegations were identical, the files were later combined.

In these criminal complaints, both Mehmet Tatlıcı and H.K., the security guard, who was claimed to be beaten, insulted, threatened and even kidnapped, mentioned the name of Murat Yüce in their statements, when they listed the perpetrators of the aforementioned incident…

Murat Yüce, on the other hand, was refusing these allegations.

The claims of Mehmet Tatlıcı and the security guard, H. K., were finalized with the decision of non-prosecution, for they failed to provide evidence.

However… A smear campaign that reminds one of FETO plots was put into effect

Having failed to receive the results he wished from his first move, Mehmet Tatlıcı later claimed that H. K., the same security guard, “was battered and insulted again with the same reasons” and filed yet another criminal complaint against Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı, stating that Murat Yüce and an officer named E. B., who were working at their company at the time, were also mixed up.

Taking these allegations of him seriously and initiating an investigation based on them, a prosecutor also stepped in to the process by taking Mehmet Tatlıcı’s criminal complaint to the court: Ekrem Beyaztaş

Certain journalists also stepped in with this new move of Mehmet Tatlıcı; they were targeting Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı directly and carrying out a smear campaign with no bases at all and only founded on the claims of Mehmet Tatlıcı, in order to damage the reputation of these two persons… (For detailed information please see: What Part Does the Impartial Media Take”; Media Support to Mud Politics” and Always the Same ‘Team’, Always the Same ‘Scenario news stories).

Names such as Abdullah Kılıç and Dinçer Gökçe were also prominent among the list of these so-called journalists…

Murat Yüce stands by Mehmet Tatlıcı…

Another very interesting and new development also came to light with this brand new move of Mehmet Tatlıcı:

Having been subjected to accusations of Mehmet Tatlıcı numerous times before, Murat Yüce all of a sudden took the side of Mehmet Tatlıcı and stated that the previous statements were inaccurate and he fully accepted all the accusations against him; he then started to accuse Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı, at whose companies he worked for many years…

So much so that Murat Yüce wanted to give his statement again, with great persistence, within all the criminal complaint files, which were dismissed with non-prosecution decisions by prosecutors as they were filed against Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı in the past with unjust and unlawful claims…

Everything went down in a similar fashion to those of FETO plots…

In reality, this lawsuit in question did not have the circumstances and qualities that required the involvement of Mehmet Tatlıcı; however, there was a “prosecutor” named Ekrem Beyaztaş “involved”, who was later revealed to be a member of FETO (Fetullah Terrorist Organization) and he virtually supported the “inclusion” of Mehmet Tatlıcı at each stage of the lawsuit. (For information about FETO-supporting prosecutor Ekrem Beyaztaş, please see: Section 2 of article series “FETO Investigations and Mehmet Tatlıcı”)

Other so-called journalists such as Abdullah Kılıç, whose name was mixed up with FETO investigations and cases and was therefore imprisoned, and Dinçer Gökçe, who was taken into custody on grounds of being a member of FETO, but was later released on parole for a hearing at a later date, trampling on the ethical principles of journalism, were trying to depict Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı as criminals with their biased news stories. (For detailed information about this, please see Section 6 of article series A Smear Scenario over the Collection of the Deceased and Section 4 of article series “FETO Investigations and Mehmet Tatlıcı”).

In other words, everything that was displayed during this process gave the impression that they were set up in a way that reminds one of FETO plots and smear campaigns, conducted over media to discredit innocent people. However, during those years (in 2009 and 2010), the country was not fully aware of the fact that was FETO and therefore, did not notice the plots being planned by the prosecutors, judges and members of media within FETO/PDY (Fetullah Terrorist Organization/Parallel State Structuring)…

After a lengthy judicial process, justice was served and Turkish Justice ruled the verdict for the exoneration of Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı, despite all the contradicting attempts of FETO supporting prosecutors and so-called journalists; the lawsuit was finalized to the detriment of Mehmet Tatlıcı and the “instant turnback” of him by his side received a sentence for imprisonment of 5 years and 3 months on grounds of providing wrongful information to the courts and prosecution and deceiving the authorities (for his statements were in conflict)…

This cautionary tale of legal games and the underlying facts can be followed from these news articles at length: “A New Scenario, New Actors, but Again the Defeat”; Always the Same Names Under Every Rock” and “Justice Is Served Once Again” news stories.

Why would a person willingly get himself imprisoned? At what cost?

As can be seen, Murat Yüce has been working at the company of Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı for a long time. The court and prosecution records within the process of the legal games, the information of which we provided above, also showed that Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı did no harm to him at all.

In that case, how did Murat Yüce all of a sudden decide to take the side of Mehmet Tatlıcı, who has been famous with the cases and criminal complaints he has been filing against Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı, whereas these people Murat Yüce was standing before, did no harm to him and only fed him? How did he risk going to prison by giving contradicting statements in the court records “to that end”?…

We are leaving it to the discretion of our readers, for without a doubt, it is only Murat Yüce and Mehmet Tatlıcı, who can answer these questions…

Once he completed his sentence, Murat Yüce immediately went to the grave of Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı

Moving alongside Mehmet Tatlıcı as such in the past, Murat Yüce completed his prison sentence and was released later. Immediately afterwards, he started to appear at the graveyard, where late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı also rests, and his grieving wife Nurten Tatlıcı visits him there every single day…

Probably because of all these reasons and as we explicated above, 11th Family Court of Istanbul (in 2019 decisions) and 1st Family Court of Istanbul ruled a cautionary judgment stating that Mehmet Tatlıcı and Murat Yüce shall keep away from the residences and places of work of Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı, who were under state protection due to receiving mafiatic death threats and being the victims of them; and not bother them with verbal or nonverbal behavior that include violent threats, insults, humiliation or abasement or via communication methods; they were also warned that if they violate these terms, they are to be sentenced to imprisonment for up to 30 days…

Where this so-called pursuit of rights-law come to, which was once depicted as “a simple inheritance dispute”?

We would like to present to our readers and the public the dangerous point this matter has come to, in light of these information, findings, evidence that can also be found in official investigations and court records, and the news in media.

Since the death of his late father, to whom he owes all the wealth, comfort and luxury he possesses today, Mehmet Tatlıcı has been filing tens of lawsuits and criminal complaints against Nurten Tatlıcı, second wife of his late father, and Uğur Tatlıcı, his step brother from the same father… (For detailed information about this, please: “Mehmet Tatlıcı Completed the Dozen”; “Mehmet Tatlıcı Renewed His Record!” and “What Does Mehmet Tatlıcı Want From Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı?” news stories)

Throughout this process, we even witnessed that Mehmet Tatlıcı filed criminal complaints against his very own, deceased father

Mehmet Tatlıcı filed a criminal complaint even against his deceased father

Mehmet Tatlıcı owes all the wealth he has today only to his late father Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı and only to him.

Sadly, Mehmet Tatlıcı is also the kind of person to file a criminal complaint against his dead father, to whom he owes his luxurious lifestyle today, to the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office of Istanbul and the Bureau of Smuggling… (For detailed information about this, please see: “The Son: Plaintiff – Late Father: Suspect” news stories).

The prosecution refused this preposterous criminal complaint Mehmet Tatlıcı filed against his very own and very deceased father with the decision of non-prosecution (much like the cases with his baseless criminal complaints against Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı)…

Is a human life worth the additional money to be gained from an inheritance case?…

Despite the attempts of Mehmet Tatlıcı to depict all these incidents within his so-called “pursuit of rights-justice”, the facts over the years, as well as his harassment of these innocent people, whom he has been targeting for years without any evidence, but with many cases and criminal complaints, filed with his own unjust-unlawful accusations, and especially the mafiatic threats of the last couple of years, which were carried out by some unknown hands and arouse suspicion, point that things have exceeded a mere inheritance dispute amongst family members or being a simple pursuit of rights-justice; it came to a point, where human lives are in danger

This most recent threat letter explicitly included a death threat with the following words: If you live long enough, you will always have to deal with troubles and troubled people”…

Another death threat was also found in the threat note, left stabbed on the tombstone of Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı, alongside a photograph of Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı in tears on the day of his burial in December 2018, which clearly stated, “You will be crying for so long” and “this inheritance will not belong to anyone”

After all these developments that are heavy on one’s conscience, we ask again: Is a human life worth the extra sum to be gained from an inheritance case?…

Who “filed lawsuits abroad”?

This last threat letter, as mentioned in our news story and other news in Turkish media, also mentions cases filed abroad.

Investigations of our news center of years clearly show that the name of Mehmet Tatlıcı is mentioned as the sole heir, who filed lawsuits, in not only Turkey against the family late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı left behind, but abroad as well in regards to the inheritance and official will that surfaced following his passing.

So much so that Mehmet Tatlıcı has been targeting Nurten Tatlıcı, second wife of his very own father, and Uğur Tatlıcı, his step brother, from amongst the other heirs, in the lawsuits and criminal complaints he files in Turkey and abroad (especially in the United States of America).

To that end, Mehmet Tatlıcı has filed tens of lawsuits, none of which he won, in addition to tens of criminal complaints, all of which were dismissed by the prosecutors with the decision of non-prosecution.

As was explained above, Mehmet Tatlıcı lost the lawsuit he filed to revocate his late father’s official will; after all, Turkish Justice decided that the will of late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı was still in good standing.

Mehmet Tatlıcı also filed a lawsuit for the reevaluation of the estate, instead of the distribution of the inheritance his late father decreed in his official will. Turkish Justice also finalized this lawsuit to the detriment of Mehmet Tatlıcı and decided that the distribution of the inheritance is to be carried out as per the wishes of late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı (except for the decision that once disinherited Ahmet Tatlıcı is to receive his reserved portion too).

“Give me 740,000,000 USD and I will withdraw all the lawsuits I filed”

While all of these were happening, Mehmet Tatlıcı stated “in a very interesting manner” that in exchange of Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı giving him 740,000,000 (SEVEN HUNDRED FORTY MILLION) American Dollars in cash, he would withdraw all the cases he filed against them in Turkey and abroad and finalize them once and for all, via one of the lawyers, who handles his cases in America (and in a fax message he had his lawyer send to Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı, against whom he filed tens of lawsuits and criminal complaints in Turkey and abroad)… (For detailed information please see: The ‘SECRET’ Offer Worthy of 740,000,000 Dollars; “New Maneuvers of Mehmet Tatlıcı in America” and “How Does Mehmet Tatlıcı Deceive the Courts?” news stories).

All these events can be found in our previous news stories, which we provided to our readers (with evidence) consequent to the investigations of our news crew in Turkey and abroad. This is how all the facts actually happened.

That being the case, the dimensions inheritance cases achieved today, as well as the MAFIATIC threat messages that were left on the tombstone of the deceased, addressing the family he left behind, not even giving a moment’s peace to Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı at his final resting place for the past two years, display that the matter is not one of a simple inheritance case anymore; it directly threatens Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı with their lives…

What is upsetting and must be pondered upon is this matter; not whether someone is going to receive a few more dollars from the inheritance or not…

We are stating once again as news crew…

Late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı was an esteemed and charitable businessperson. He left a substantial amount of inheritance to all the heirs he left behind that would be enough for “seven more generations to come”…

He did not deserve these dangerous inheritance games, which are being displayed over his very own estate nowadays (these sad and terrifying developments with the mafiatic death threats involved)…

Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı would never have wanted the names of his family members to be reflected ever so frequently onto Turkish news media, being mixed up with such inheritance disputes…

Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı wants to rest in peace in his grave…

Leave him and the family he left behind alone…

He fairly distributed his inheritance to the family members he left behind; if you wish to acquire more shares from the inheritance, do that with justice…

If there are still disputes because of the inheritance, resolve them in peace, DO NOT INVOLVE THE MAFIA IN IT…

And for what it is worth, “PLEASE COME TO AN AGREEMENT!”

We will continue to share the developments with our readers and the public…


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