Corporal Punishment Case against Mehmet Tatlıcı


Businessman Mehmet Tatlici pounded up French architect he came across with at his wife’s art gallery. Tatlıcı, who claimed he got mad when he saw that the architect was sleeping at the Office, is now facing charges regarding bodily harm.

Mehmet Tatlıcı, one of the three sons of decedent businessman Salih Tatlıcı whose heritance became an unresolvable matter between his children, raided his wife, Gizem Tatlıcı’s art gallery- called Tatart after he filed for divorce. Now, Mehmet Tatlici is facing charges regarding complaints about him and his men injuring and pounding up a French architect.

According to the indictment, Mehmet Tatlici went to Tatart Art and Research Center’s building located on Maçka Street on November 18, 2013, with his attorneys, accountant and bodyguard. Claiming he was the controlling shareholder and responsible director of the place, he wanted to go through the records.

He went crazy when he saw Architect Richard Tuil, whom he demanded his wife would never see. He yelled: “What the hell are you doing here?” and he got a vulgar reply including insults from Tuil. Then, he lost his temper and threw a few punches. Right after he threw Tuil out of the building, he called a locksmith and had the keys of Tuil’s present room changed.


Gizem Tatlıcı, who was in class at a collage during the event, got the news through a phone call and arrived at her workplace with her attorney. She met Mehmet Tatlıcı and his men, so she immediately went to a police station, pressing charges.

Claiming her husband, who held %25 of the company, had raided the place and changed the locks, Gizem Tatlıcı added French architect was her guest and her husband was acting this way to saturate and pressure her during their divorce process.

On the other hand, Mehmet Tatlıcı said he went there to control the company, since he had his doubts about the way things worked in addition to estimates and accounts. He continued his statement, emphasizing he lost his temper as soon as he saw Richard Israel Tuil using Mehmet Tatlıcı’s own room as a bedroom for himself, and this man was supposed to be forbidden from his wife’s company. He added Tuil was dismissed from the company, and then came back with cops, adding he was pressing charges against the businessman.

As a result of the investigation conducted by prosecution, Mehmet Tatlıcı is facing punishment of 1 year for “simple injury”, while Richard Israel Tuil is facing punishment of 5 years for “insult”, “breach of work place immunity”. The suspects are going to be tried at İstanbul Civil Court of Peace.

News source: Sabah Newspaper, January 4, 2014.


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