How Many Weeks BEFORE His Own Father’s Passing Did Mehmet Tatlici Extend His Attorneys?


Mehmet Tatlici is one of the children from the deceased businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlici’s first marriage. This is one of “the exemplary behaviors” of Mehmet Tatlici to show his real face and to better understand what kind of son he has been…


The late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı had become sick and taken to the American Hospital in Istanbul on January 21, 2009. His doctors ordered him to be urgently intubated, stating his condition was severely serious.

Mehmet Tatlici, one of the children from the deceased businessman’s first marriage, leaving his wife in the hospital and still attending his own business while his father was fighting death, would pop by the hospital during the evenings for a short while and get information about the “patient’s” condition.

The saddest part is related to Mehmet Tatlici’s “personal business” he was attending to during the daytime. When this business was revealed, it would become an example of how a “good son” should not be…

As could be figured out from the documents below, Mehmet Tatlici would extend his attorneys regarding the inheritance case while his own father was still in the hospital and the date would be January 28, 2009…

3 weeks later, Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı would pass away due to multiple organ failures, on February 22, 2009.

Exactly 2 days later, even before the funeral and deceased’s body had been buried, Mehmet Tatlici would apply to the court, demanding a certificate of inheritance. This certificate is basically a document, which sets out the division of inheritance such as “these are the inheritors and this is his share, that is her share”.

Mehmet Tatlici did not participate in the religious practices, regarding his father’s death, such as 7th day and 40th day mawlid prayers, (these are the religious ceremonies in Muslim that hold after the deceased people), which also made the family even sadder and became another burden of sadness on the family’s shoulders.


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