How To Bite Hands That Feed Us


Mehmet Tatlıcı once again showed a huge disrespect to the memory of his late father Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı who provided him with the wealth and luxurious life he has today. His late father had prepared a traditional Turkish room with his own hands at the entrance of his hotel in Antalya so that it could be exhibited to the guests. However, Mehmet Tatlıcı showed a huge disrespect to the memory of his late father once again and he started an ‘‘unlawful process’’ during which he has done his worst for years so that the traditional objects within this room would be displaced and taken to the museum unfairly and so he has once again proven to the whole world what a ‘‘dutiful’’ child he is.


The items in the room named ‘‘Sultanate Room’’ which is exhibited for nearly 20 years at ground floor of Tat Beach Golf Hotel in Antalya, Belek presenting Ottoman cultural heritage to the interest of domestic-foreign visitors, were dismantled on November 15th, 2016…

Moreover, at the cost of these wooden items being damaged during the dismantling process and some parts becoming so useless that they can never be assembled again…

Not to say, ongoing legal process in order to prevent these items’ being damaged and despite the mentioned lawsuit’s being at the phase of State Council…

Besides these, by violating all constitutional rights, including property right, belonging to a 65-year old, widow woman who holds the property right for these items and wants to maintain his late husband’s memory the way that he left behind…

What kind of a disturbance, what kind of a cruelty, what kind of a disrespect is that?

All these will go down in administrative law history of our country as a great unlawfulness, a great cruelty and as a huge disrespect to the memory of late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı who was a charitable businessman.


However, behind all these unlawfulness, cruelty and disrespect is a “dutiful child” and his name is Mehmet Tatlıcı…

Mehmet Tatlıcı has started an ‘‘obsessed’’ struggle not only against this charitable person’s grieving family left behind, but also against the decedent’s honourable memory ever since his late father Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s death on February 22nd, 2009.

On the other hand, that “dutiful son” owes his current luxurious life of riley, purely and simply, to the inheritance his late father Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı left to him.

That being the case, as it can be observed from the experiences in time, when his unrestrainable ambition for money is added to the ‘‘motivation’’ embittered by the meaningless grudge and hatred Mehmet Tatlıcı bears against his late father, all becomes clear: Mehmet Tatlıcı has created an army of attorneys and legal advisors whom he pays great money, and along with that ‘‘army’’, he has ‘‘started a war’’ which is unacceptable to a normal human reason and conscience, against his late father, his honourable memory and his family members left behind.

Once more, the experiences in time has revealed the fact that the people calling themselves ‘‘journalists’’ also joined Mehmet Tatlıcı’s meaningless ‘‘war’’ which hurts human conscience.


These so-called journalists whose names are mentioned as defendant or suspects within FETÖ investigations and who are put into prison for being members of that terrorist organisation or indicted by prosecution offices, all together ‘‘came into play’’ and so to say ‘‘lined up behind’’ Mehmet Tatlıcı by their so-called news purely and simply based on Mehmet Tatlıcı’s groundless allegations for many years whenever Mehmet Tatlıcı opened a lawsuit against his late father and family members he left behind.

Besides, not only the attorneys and prosecutors who helped Mehmet Tatlıcı for his ‘‘filthy war’’, but also so-called journalists playing role at media part of his games, have gone under prosecution for being FETÖ members, have been arrested or are wanted for being fugitives as terror criminals at present.

Thus, all the prosecutors, attorneys and so-called journalists who helped Mehmet Tatlıcı until now, have started to give themselves away one by one and Mehmet Tatlıcı’s these ‘‘relations’’ should also be investigated by prosecution offices… (For detailed information about this subject, please see: “FETÖ Investigations and Mehmet Tatlıcı” article series)

Now let’s get down to “dutiful son” Mehmet Tatlıcı’s actions against his late father… 


Mehmet Tatlıcı is one of Mehmet Tatlıcı’s children born of his first marriage. In his lifetime, his late father provided Mehmet Tatlıcı with a luxurious life and the best educational opportunity like he did to his whole family and all his children and he left him a remarkable inheritance when he passed away.

The inheritance amount Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı left to Mehmet Tatlıcı is said to be worth millions of dollars. However, Mehmet Tatlıcı, who thought that this inheritance portion is not enough and searched after more, has opened lawsuits for the cancellation of his late father’s official testament and inheritance assessment. These lawsuits and Mehmet Tatlıcı’s other ‘‘legal games’’ are submitted to the attention of our readers and the public with all details and developments at Tatlıcı Truths news site.

That dutiful son Mehmet Tatlıcı who has paid his duty of loyalty to his late father, to whom he owes the luxurious life he leads today, by opening a war against his family and achievements left behind, continues to set an examples unacceptable to normal human reason and conscience by his actions (Please see: “Âyinesi İştir Kişinin, Lafa Bakılmaz!” article).

Mehmet Tatlıcı’s fight against old wooden items which are left behind from his late father and exhibited at the hotel named Tat Beach Golf Resort in Antalya Belek, is also one of the interesting illustrations of his exemplary ‘‘legal struggle’’.


The facts behind this “fight” has evolved just that way:

  1. Late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı was interested in antique artworks. When he was still alive, he admired a collection which he saw at Antique Market in İstanbul Kuştepe, he carried that collection carefully to Antalya and prepared an exhibition area with his own hands at ground floor of the hotel in Belek.
  2. This exhibition area was arranged as a room consisting of wooden couches, coffee tables and covering of ceiling, with one missing wall in order to exhibit the places people lived in past at Ottoman region and within Turkish-Islamic tradition, it was open to visit for the tourists staying at this hotel in Belek.
  3. After Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s demise, these wooden items which were exhibited at his hotel in Antalya, has been kept the way late businessman left them and open to visit for the tourists staying at the hotel in memory of him by his youngest son Uğur Tatlıcı and his wife Nurten Tatlıcı.
  4. These old wooden items are not historical artifacts. All these have been purchased from and antique shop named Yılmaz Antik located in İstanbul Kuştepe, in 1997 (on dates of 05.1997 and 16.06.1997) by late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı with invoices issued to his wife Nurten Tatlıcı. That kind of items have been sold and purchased at several similar antique shops for many years and also at present because they do not have any characteristics of historical artefact.
  5. Besides, all these wooden items have been checked into Antalya Museum as movable cultural assets and registered under Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s wife Nurten Tatlıcı’s name. It is clearly shown on Certificate of Cultural and Natural Properties Subject to Register that mentioned items are owned by Nurten TATLICI and there is no inconveniency for their sales or purchase.


  1. Mehmet Tatlıcı makes an ‘‘interesting’’ denunciation to Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Antalya Museum.
  2. Within this “interesting denunciation”, Mehmet Tatlıcı impudently claims that wooden items which were left behind from his late father and has been exhibited at the hotel in Antalya for many years in front of hundred of thousands of people are “historical artifacts” and “hidden from the executives of the ministry”.
  3. Then, providing lawsuits to be opened against his paternal half brother and his father’s second wife, who was married to him for 43 years, with groundless allegations and accusations, he tries to show these grieving people, with whom he has the same family name, as if they were “historical artifact smugglers” and “the party trying to hide historical artifacts” and he attends these trials as intervening party along with his counselors consisting of attorneys and law faculty professors, he tries to get his paternal half-brother and his father’s second wife sentenced… (The number of the attorneys and consultant professors Mehmet Tatlıcı assigned, together with other lawsuits he opened, has reached 30. Mehmet Tatlıcı also has two American attorneys following the lawsuits he opened in America. For detailed information about this subject, please see. “Mehmet Tatlıcı’s Collection of Attorneys” article).
  4. While Mehmet Tatlıcı was making all these exemplary moves unacceptable to a normal person’s reason and conscience, on the other hand these innocent people were being tried to get disgraced by so-called articles written by some “journalists” as “an interesting coincidence” (For detailed information about this subject, please see. especially 6th Section of ölümü the article series titled “Disgrace Scenario Through The Decedent’s Collection” and, “Çamur Siyasetine Medya Desteği” and ”Always Same ‘Team’, Always Same ‘Scenario” articles).
  5. Mehmet Tatlıcı’s intention with these moves to get these wooden items, which his late father carried from İstanbul with his own hands to be exhibited at the of the hotel in Antalya, removed from there and taken to the museum. Mehmet Tatlıcı so to say, tries to “hurt” his paternal half-brother and his father’s second wife, who try to keep his late father’s memory alive, by this way…

As it can be seen from the information we summarized above, Mehmet Tatlıcı carries out a strange, so-called “legal struggle” against his late father’s grieving family left behind and the old wooden items keeping his father’s memories alive with such moves which are unacceptable to a normal person’s reason and conscience.

That lawsuit process which was opened upon Mehmet Tatlıcı’s own denunciation and then got involved, has now reached State Council phase. Mehmet Tatlıcı’s and his attorneys’ statements during the lawsuit trials have also presented examples that will pass into the history of administrative law.


  1. At the lawsuit trials that he attended with his attorneys as the intervening party, Mehmet Tatlıcı claims that these old wooden items are cultural property included in his late father’s inheritance.

However, none of these items is included in Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s inheritance; they have been purchased with invoices issued to Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s wife Nurten Tatlıcı, their sales and purchase are free within the country and they are movable cultural assets which are checked in and registered to the museum on Nurten Tatlıcı’s name. These old wooden items had been kept and exhibited open to visit at ground floor of the mentioned hotel in Antalya. The ownership of these items solely and exclusively belongs to Nurten Tatlıcı.

Although Mehmet Tatlıcı knows very well that property of these wooden items belongs to Nurten Tatlıcı, he performs “a legal struggle” with the idea of “what if it happens” as he always does and with his unbelievable “plays” he stages through his unjust and groundless allegations in order to prevent his step mother and paternal half-brother from maintaining these items the way they are in memory of late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı.

Mehmet Tatlıcı’s other aim is to intimidate his paternal half-brother and his father’s second wife by trying to involve government agencies such as The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Governorship of Antalya in “his plays” which he tries to stage with these “tricky plans”.

  1. During lawsuit trials, Mehmet Tatlıcı and his attorneys go too far to claim that authenticity of these old wooden items is destroyed having been taken to pieces by Nurten Talıcı, some parts are taken away in order to fit them to the area not remaining faithful to the original, they were taken into pieces and fastened to the wall with rivets while they were being assembled to their place at the hotel entrance.

Being completely unreal these allegations are in fact have the nature of calumniation. Because the old wooden items which are subject to the lawsuit had been assembled not by Nurten Tatlıcı, but by Mehmet Tatlıcı’s own father late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı long before his demise on 22.09.2009. The mentioned items have not undergone any changes after Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s demise and kept as the way they are.

  1. An expertise report dated 22.12.2014 within the file of Serik Civil Court of Peace, has clearly and scientifically presented that UNREPAIRABLE DAMAGES WOULD EMERGE in case the exhibit area subject to the lawsuit, which is arranged like a room, consisting of old wooden items, is dismantled from its place.

Given these circumstances, Mehmet Tatlıcı and his attorneys have done their worst to have these items taken to the museum at all costs and preferred to ignore this expert report and even the scientific facts it presents in their statements. As a matter of fact these items were damaged while they were being displaced and the damage is irreparable.

“Dutiful son” Mehmet Tatlıcı’s aim here is to have these items taken to the museum at the cost of being damaged with a great disrespect to his father’s memory instead of exhibiting these old items as late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı wished.

  1. Mehmet Tatlıcı and his attorneys also try to provide that Nurten Tatlıcı stands trial on account of acting against Code of Protection of Cultural and Natural Properties numbered 2863 by their statements during the trials of that lawsuit.

Mehmet Tatlıcı’s these statements against Nurten Tatlıcı with the aim of harassment are unrealistic and have no legal basis, and in fact all these clearly reveal his real intention.

Whereas Nurten Tatlıcı has never acted against the Code numbered 2863. She, purely and simply, kept the things left from his late husband as they were as a sign of respect for his memory. Yet, as also mentioned above, the property of these items belongs to Nurten Tatlıcı and they are also registered to the museum by her…

As is seen, Mehmet Tatlıcı plays a miscellaneous game here:

First, he makes groundless denunciations, then he tries to involve ministries, governorates and museum executives into the matter by the help of trials which he also attends as intervening party (along with a lawyer army consisting of attorneys and lawyer-professors who are in charge at law faculties of the universities), he tries to reach the results that he aimed within a chaos in which the ‘‘articles’’ disgracing his paternal half-brother and his father’s second wife, always written by the same ‘‘journalists’’ at the media also comes into play.


The “interesting” part here is that Mehmet Tatlıcı has started a lawsuit process about that room consisting of old items which is not his property and on which he has no right and he wanted to be the intervening party in that lawsuit and it was ‘‘accepted’’.

Who is Mehmet Tatlıcı to be tolerated getting involved in a lawsuit without any justification-right? What is the source of that privilege?

The fact that people who had taken Mehmet Tatlıcı under their wings, who helped him in that tricky ‘‘legal struggle’’, are now mentioned within the investigations against FETÖ naturally leads us to ask these questions…


Besides, the ones who lined up behind Mehmet Tatlıcı and or helped him for his “tricky war” now gets detected one by one within the scope of FETÖ investigations.

For example, Mehmet Tatlıcı’s attorney Hüseyin Ataol, is a fugitive who has an arrest warrant for being FETÖ member and said to have fled abroad (Please see: “FETÖ Investigations and Mehmet Tatlıcı 3” article).

For example, a public prosecutor who opened a lawsuit against innocent people accepting Mehmet  Tatlıcı’s denunciations that he made at the prosecution office with unjust, unlawful and groundless allegations against his paternal half-brother and his father’s second wife as if they were real; Ekrem Beyaztaş, was arrested trying to flee abroad and put into prison on grounds that he was a FETÖ member (Please see: “FETÖ Investigations and Mehmet Tatlıcı 2” article).

Also the so-called journalists who disregard journalism principles with their appeal humiliating innocent people before the public by the articles they write based on Mehmet Tatlıcı’s that kind of groundless allegations against his paternal half-brother and his late father’s second wife as if they were real, have started to appear within FETÖ investigations one by one lately.

One of these, Dinçer GÖKÇE, was brought into peace court of criminal jurisdiction on duty as a suspect for being FETÖ member with demand of arrest and then he was released on “judicial control decision” for now by the court he was taken to.

Another so-called journalist is Abdullah KILIÇ. Abdullah Kılıç was arrested for being a FETÖ member and put into prison. (Please see the article titled: “FETÖ Investigations and Mehmet Tatlıcı 4”).

Consequently, the names of the people who helped Mehmet Tatlıcı for that meaningless war he opened against everything and everyone his late father left behind, are now mentioned within FETÖ investigations and Mehmet Tatlıcı’s relations with all these FETÖ prisoners and suspects should absolutely be investigated.

It is possible to say that these investigations would also reveal FETÖ’s members within jurisdiction and media who still try to hide themselves.


However, there is only one aim Mehmet Tatlıcı has been trying to reach with all his interrelated games:

Dream of obtaining 740 Million American Dollars…

We will explain that below


As for these people who has the same family name with him, targeted by Mehmet Tatlıcı (within the lawsuits he opened and denunciations he made against them), namely Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı have just been trying to keep alive late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s memory and the things he left behind.

These people who have no other purpose, but to maintain that exhibit area, which consists of old wooden items, all of which are checked in and registered to Antalya Museum as movable cultural assets and which were placed at the entrance of the hotel in Antalya years ago by late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı himself, the way he left, cannot make sense of Mehmet Tatlıcı’s these actions by any means.

It was clear that these items would be damaged if they were displaced and the official expert reports were present within the case file.

Will Mehmet Tatlıcı purr with delight when these items would be carried to the museum from the place (besides they were there open to visit for the visitors staying at the hotel for years and they were kept under best possible circumstances) his late father left them?

How can a son do all these things to his late father’s mournful family left behind and to his late father who has given him the luxurious life he has today and a wealth that would be enough for his family through many generations?

Let’s have a look at the matter from another point of view:



As mentioned in their earlier statements, they have no relation to or interest in historical items. They just try to keep the necessary legal struggle the best way they can in order to keep late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s memory alive against Mehmet Tatlıcı’s all groundless allegations and games similar to FETÖ’s conspiracies.

Here, what is in question is the violation of all constitutional rights, including the property right belonging to a 65-year old widow woman who just tries to keep his late husbands memory the way he willed…


Court, State Council, Antalya Museum or Ministry of Culture and Tourism decides upon what will be kept where and how, these items are carried to the requested place as required. That does not become a problem for anyone. As a matter of fact, it has never became a problem until now and it would not become from now on, either.

Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı have wanted to maintain the exhibit area consisting of these wooden items purely and simply out of respect to memory of Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı. Everything was kept where the decedent left years ago and the way he wished, nothing was hidden from anyone.

Here the main points to take into consideration are Mehmet Tatlıcı’s “obsession” of making denunciations and opening lawsuits with groundless allegations through the logic of mud-slinging, so to say “having storm in a teacup” as a part of his above mentioned games; somehow their being carried to the media by “intentional news” written by some so-called journalists, the reflex of involving the ministries, some state institutions and organisations into that matter by the help of “the attorney army”.

It would not be a problem if all these were carried out based on some principles such as rights, laws, respect, but there is a great unlawfulness, a great cruelty and a great disrespect in question…

Moreover, considering that the people who helped Mehmet Tatlıcı have now turned out to be FETÖ members one by one, it becomes easier to observe what kind of a conspiracy all these are related to (Please see: “FETÖ Investigations and Mehmet Tatlıcı”).

Just the way, FETÖ conspired this country, the institutions and innocent people of this country first sneakingly and then publicly…


That is not hard to answer:

Late Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı has left all his disposable portion to Nurten Tatlıcı and his son Uğur Tatlıcı while he bequeathed that Mehmet Tatlıcı would only receive his reserved portion with the testament he prepared years before his demise.

Not being able to get over that, Mehmet Tatlıcı have meaninglessly engaged judiciary institutions and different government agencies such as courts and prosecution offices by making several denunciations by way of harassment apart from the inheritance lawsuits and he keeps engaging them (For detailed information about this subject please see. “Mehmet Tatlıcı Completed The Dozen” and “Mehmet Tatlıcı Renewed His Record” article).

The main reason of Mehmet Tatlıcı’s all these moves, is to get bigger share from the inheritance, in his opinion, by intimidating Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı. The moves Mehmet Tatlıcı has made for that purpose reveal his real intention clearly anyway.

We also present that to the attention of our readers and the public once again:


During a lawsuit process that Mehmet Tatlıcı opened in America against Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı, he clearly laid down that offer through his attorney there: “If you give me 740.000.000 (Seven hundred and fourty million) American Dollars in cash, I will withdraw all these lawsuits I have opened against you” (For detailed information about this subject please see: “740.000.000 dollars ‘SECRET’ Offer” article).

Thus, Mehmet Tatlıcı whose real intention is to “gain” this money through that kind of games he plays, has been trying to intimidate his paternal half-brother and his father’s second wife by tens of lawsuits he opened and tens of groundless denouncements and denunciations he made at the prosecution offices.

Because of these unjust denunciations concluded with the verdict of non-prosecution, a denunciation was made against Mehmet Tatlıcı for the crime of framing and the bill of indictment prepared by the prosecution office was accepted by Istanbul 30th Penal Court of First Instance. The prosecution process still continues.

The facts revealed by all these developments and the evidence presented by the attached official documents, clearly reveal what kind of a person Mehmet Tatlıcı is, with whose help he carries out that “tricky war”, whom he targets and his real intention of playing all these games. 

As Tatlıcı Truths news site, we will keep exposing all these games targeting late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s honourable name, his works and family left behind and enlightening the public…


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