Keeping up with the Legacy: “Respect People, Respect the World”


The deceased businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s legacy was “listen to the needs of human beings, respect the people and this world”. Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı are doing their best to keep up with this legacy and they continue to work on projects regarding the cleanliness of our seas.


UNT Holding, known for its awareness and support for environmental and natural protection, is collaborating with TURMEPA (Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association), saying and sponsoring “Live Blue, Love Blue, Think Blue” out loud. Following this collaboration, cleaning operation started past June and these endeavors continue with the involvement of waste collecting tanks.

A Meaningful Gift from UNT Holding to the Aegean Sea

UNT Holding’s CEO Uğur Tatlıcı, who is son of deceased Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı and Nurten Tatlıcı, has commented on these precious projects and we would like to share his words with you:

“We care a great deal about nature’s protection as both UNT Holding family and my own. We have planted thousands of trees by now, built memorial forests and initiated environmentally friendly projects. So, we have added TURMEPA to the list of non-profit organizations we partner up with.”

“As we all know, our beautiful blue seas and coasts are visited by thousands of foreign ships and boats, especially in summer. Under normal circumstances, these marine vehicles should go to liquid waste stations and dump their waste 6 sea miles away from shore. However, most do not comply with these rules and they dump their waste in our seas. Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning has initiated a Blue Card application regarding this matter, however control and auditing was not properly exercised so pollution went on growing.”

“Within the context of UNT Holding and TURMEPA’s collaboration, we have sponsored Clean Sea 3, which is a liquid waste collection boat that is located around Hisarönü, in order to protect our seas becoming more and more polluted during the summer season and to prevent visitor boats’ waste affecting our future. Therefore, we will be able to promote and support marine cleanliness and this will bring a great amount of joy to us.”

Another meaningful support for our nature and the protection of seas

“Following sponsoring Clean Sea 3, UNT Holding has enhanced its partnership with TURMEPA and decided to give more support to the collection of waste in Marmaris Bay.”

UNT Holdings CEO Uğur Tatlıcı comments:

“Protecting our natural resources and keeping our seas clean have always been our priorities and topics of awareness. So, we have sponsored Clean Sea 3 around Hisarönü, which collects liquid garbage coming from boats. Now we have sponsored Clean Sea 4 in order to keep Marmaris Bay clean. Our support for our seas’ cleanliness and our awareness for our coasts and bays will always continue from now on. So, we are planning to keep up collaborating with TURMEPA regarding the Aegean Sea as well.”

Preventing 1.200.000 litres of liquid waste going into sea!

“Clean Sea 3 and Clean Sea 4 boats which serve about liquid waste collection are cruising Marmaris and Hisarönü Bay under the sponsorship of UNT. Our target is to prevent 1.200.000 litres of dirty liquids and bilge water mixing with our seas.”


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