Mehmet Tatlıcı Sentenced for Battering His Wife


Mehmet Tatlıcı is sentenced on ground of battering and injuring Gizem Tatlıcı – his wife of 25 years. Magistrate of Beykoz 4th Criminal Court of First Instance of Istanbul ruled the deferment of the announcement of the verdict along with a judicial fine of 5,600.00 TL with said sentence.

The investigations of our news bureau revealed that Mehmet Tatlıcı is sentenced within the scope of a criminal suit, filed against him on grounds of injuring his wife.

Mehmet Tatlıcı, one of the three sons of late businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı from his first marriage, went through an eventful divorce process, which was covered on numerous occasions in news media, from Gizem Tatlıcı – his wife of 25 years and the mother of his two children. (Please see:Mehmet Tatlıcı Sued for Assault”, Sabah Newspaper, news dated January 4th, 2014; Secret Project Comes Out of Divorce Case”, Milliyet Newspaper, news dated December 30th, 2013 and “Mehmet Tatlıcı Raids His Wife’s Workplace with His Armed Men!” news story)

During this process, the lawsuit he filed to divorce his wife of 25 years, Gizem Tatlıcı, and the following developments caused Mehmet Tatlıcı to be a frequent hot topic in newspaper stories. Pieces from Sabah, HaberTürk and Milliyet newspapers’ issues from 2013 and 2014 show the process in great detail… (For detailed information, please see: “Unpleasant Breakup”; “Mehmet Tatlıcı First Eavesdropped, Then Divorced His Wife” and Mehmet Tatlıcı – A Hot Topic Again” news stories).

Magistrate of Beykoz Enforcement Court ruled a 3 month preventive detention for Mehmet Tatlıcı on grounds of his lack of payment of the alimony debts to his wife, Gizem Tatlıcı, which was also covered in HaberTürk and Sabah newspapers (Please see: 3 More Months of Imprisonment for Mehmet Tatlıcı!” and Another Sentence for Mehmet Tatlıcı!” news stories).

The investigations of Haber Gündemi revealed that on September 25th, 2013, Gizem Tatlıcı pressed charges against her husband, Mehmet Tatlıcı, on grounds of battery, upon which Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office of Beykoz initiated an investigation about Mehmet Tatlıcı, which later turned into a criminal suit. We presented these developments to the information of our readers before (For detailed information about this, please see: “Mehmet Tatlıcı is Sued For Injuring His Wife” news story).

Concerning this suit, filed on grounds of Mehmet Tatlıcı, battering his wife, Magistrate of 4th Criminal Court of First Instance of Beykoz, Istanbul found Mehmet Tatlıcı guilty as charged on grounds of Violence against Women and ruled a sentence for imprisonment for injuring his wife, a sentence to pay the judicial fee of 5,600.00 TL instead of the imprisonment and the deferment of the announcement of the verdict about the defendant, Mehmet Tatlıcı, as per law no. 5728 and revised article 231/5 of Code of Criminal Procedure and in this regard, MEHMET TATLICI IS TO BE ON PROBATION FOR 5 YEARS.


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