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A notice and voice recording presented to the court during the deceased businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı’s probate case included some very interesting information. This document, which had a confessor’s voice record, had very crucial claims about MEHMET TATLICI who was the youngest son born from the first marriage the deceased businessman had with his aunt’s daughter. A criminal complaint was delivered to the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office in İstanbul a few days ago related to the claims this notice made, for Mehmet Tatlici to be punished, regarding the crimes of “Attempting to Influence Fair Trial” (Turkish Criminal Law Article 288) and “Attempting to Influence an executive of judicial duty, an expert and a witness” (Turkish Criminal Law Article 277)


In this news, we are solely going to reflect upon the claims made about Mehmet Tatlici (Tatlıcı in Turkish) in the criminal complaint without giving any credit to interpretation (except some information in the parenthesis about the local names mentioned in the confessor’s voice recording).

But, first of all we would like to share some information with our readers in order to be understood well about “who is who?” and “what is what?”


Mehmet Tatlici is the youngest son of the marriage the deceased businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı had with his aunt’s daughter, elder to him, whom he married by his own mother’s insistence. After the death of his father on February 22 in 2009, Mehmet Tatlici was not satisfied with his father’s official will and with the protected share he received from the inheritance; and then, he ran to courts in order to start an action for making the inventory of the estate and pleaded a probate suit.

A denunciation file presented to the court of probate during the probating proceedings included some very crucial information about Mehmet Tatlici. In this document, there were significant claims about Mehmet Tatlici that he was trying to have an impact on the trial process, trying to manipulate justice while it was in action.


A criminal complaint was made to the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office in İstanbul about MEHMET TATLICI regarding the matters of trying to manipulate/influence an expert and witnesses by offering them money, procuring a report, which would have had an impact on the trial process by bribing a museum manager, having a personal relation with acustodian who was appointed to the probate suit and again, aiming to have an influenceon this person.


According to the issues told about in the sound recordings in the denunciation, it is asserted that Mehmet Tatlıcı made a journalist named Erhan Öztürk create news for money.

In the criminal complaint delivered to the Chief Prosecutor’s Office in İstanbul, the relation of Mehmet Tatlici with journalist Erhan Öztürk in addition to pushing him to make news by paying him are all referred to; and because of these reasons, the suspect’s (Mehmet Tatlici) punishment was demanded by an indictment to be arrayed against him.


Erhan Öztürk is the brother of Ercan Öztürk, who is a journalist like himself. Ercan Öztürk was given a warning twice by the Press Council Supreme Commission for the unjust, lawless and baseless so-called “news” he wrote about Uğur Tatlıcı, youngest son of the deceased businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı (and Mehmet Tatlici’s paternal half brother) regarding the fact that he had neglected Principles of Journalism and Press; and he (Ercan Öztürk) was also brought to trial in the 24th Civil Court of First Instance in İstanbul regarding such baseless and lawless news he kept making and he was sentenced to pay (thousands of Turkish liras worth) spiritual damages to Uğur Tatlici, and also was taken a reprimand from the court as a result of legal proceedings for breaking his profession’s principles and ethics.


A voice recording was submitted to the 2013/55 numbered probate file of the 2nd Court of Peace in İstanbul handling the probate suit of the deceased Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı. The person who presented this recording evidence about Mehmet Tatlıcı to court, is assumed to have worked with the deceased businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı for 3 years, and continued to work for his son Mehmet Tatlici (the suspect) following his father’s death.

The criminal complaint delivered to Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office in İstanbul on July 2, 2014 includes following issues:

When the sound recording was examined, it became obvious that claims of Mehmet Tatlici’s abuse of confidence, Attempt to Influence Fair Trial and Attempt to Influence an executive of judicial duty, expert and witness would all have to be investigated.


1)      When the records are listened and examined, claims appear regarding the suspect Mehmet Tatlici committing the crimes of Attempting to Influence An executive of Justice, Expert and a Witness according to the Article 277 of TCL (Turkish Criminal Law) and “Attempting to Influence Fair Trial” according to the Article 288 of TCL.

a)      In the records, it is stated that the suspect Mehmet Tatlici had hired witnesses brought to court by (paying) money.

In the sound recordings presented to the 2nd Court of Peace;

“… Do you know that he hired the witnesses brought to court by (paying) money? He arranged and brought them, yes and I knew the one who did this very well. The one who fought with Mr. Mehmet (referring to Mehmet Tatlici) about this every month, money because I know money was taken from Mr. Mehmet and brought to that person, then that person gave money to people there. There were 5 people. Who feeds them? Who gives them money? Then, their attitude towards me changed drastically. Well, I would be a witness regarding this matter in the court, if necessary. About this money, about who distributes this money and that this man demands money every month, then this party does not pay, Mehmet’s side… The mediator was angry at Mr. Mehmet… He even let it slip one day about this anger towards Mr. Mehmet… I asked why he was like this, then he answered “I am leading Mr. Mehmet by his nose.” I asked how and he said, “I have the witnesses.” Implying it was all about the paintings stolen from Tat Pilma (A company that used to be owned by the deceased businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlici, the suspect’s father. There were lots of paintings belonging to Mehmet Salih Tatlici’s valuable collection of paintings that were stored at the old factory building).

These statements can be found towards the end of sound recordings;

“…Somebody was paid by Mehmet (referring to Mehmet Tatlici), somebody was hired to find 5 witnesses, a middleman, then 5 witnesses were hired and these people are paid on a regular basis every month by Mehmet Tatlıcı and we are references for that matter. I know too well that this middleman told he was “in control” of Mr. Mehmet and this man is also paid monthly. At the moment, a man named Mr. Viktor is alongside with him. He is his mentor about every matter. What is more, he is an attorney who does not work under the control of leading attorney.”

There are criminal and legal cases between the suspect Mehmet Tatlici and our client. It is being stated that witnesses testifying in these cases are influenced by money, and thereof truth has been manipulated and changed in exchange of financial gains, adding such were the testimonies.

b)     In the records, it has been asserted that suspect Mehmet Tatlici had bought a report by (paying) money from a museum located in İstanbul.

When the records are examined such statements are heard;

“There is a museum. I know what that museum is. I took Ms. Gizem (Mehmet Tatlici’s wife), Mr. Mehmet to that museum myself for a long time.”

“The painting… A private museum would not sign for it for a long time. The director of that museum… I don’t know why. I took 50.000 dollars to him as provision. That director of the museum signed (the document) for 50.000 dollars and after report was taken, it was taken to Istanbul Technical University, aiming to have it approved over there. Well, I am not sure about that approval part. Maybe, those paintings are in the museum. I know which department in Istanbul Technical University would take care of that matter, as well. That place was visited, another thing was tried to be taken from that place with another lawyer. Something like a signature and following that incident Ms. Gizem would open up a gallery but, I do not know why she would open and what they would launder with this.”

Here, a museum is being referred to, emphasizing museum director would not sign at first but then be bribed with an amount of 50.000 dollars, forcing him to change his mind and making up a report. According to the recordings, suspect Mehmet Tatlici was able to have the report signed after making a payment to museum director.

This situation must be examined and investigated. Because, according to the recordings, the suspect has acquired a report he should not have had by means of financial gains. There are reports acquired from museums regarding the cases of our client. It is a must, a primary condition to examine and investigate whether these reports are the same ones, obtained by bribing.

c)      The recordings stated that suspect Mehmet Tatlıcı attempted to influence the judges of Sarıyer (a district in Istanbul) Courthouse.

In the recordings such statements are made;

“…I took him to Sarıyer Courthouse. Even the judges would be looking at Mehmet Tatlici with bitter faces. He is trying to buy them, the judges and prosecutors. There is an attorney at Beyoğlu (a district in Istanbul), I will keep his name to myself there is an attorney in Gayrettepe (a neighborhood in Istanbul) I will keep his name to myself; and he (Mehmet Tatlici) is trying to complete these affairs with those attorneys in Beyoglu and Gayrettepe. He is making connections, trying to buy people but the main organizer is our lead attorney. He does not go into trials and neither does his daughter. At the conclusion of Mr. Uğur’s (referring to Uğur Tatlici, the deceased businessman Mehmet Salih Tatlici’s youngest son and Mehmet Tatlici’s half brother) trial, Mr. Mehmet transferred € 50.000 or maybe 50.000 Turkish liras to his bank account. His daughter got an Audi car right after Mr. Uğur’s trial. But, approximately before Ms. Gizem’s foot was broken, I wanna say before I forget, the paintings might be located at Ms. Serap’s (the suspect Mehmet Tatlici’s assistant/secretary ) house. At Ms. Serap’s house, yes. For the reason of burglary at Hisar Houses, I went to Sarıyer Courthouse. But why did I take Emrah to Sarıyer Courthouse, and why this particular courthouse, I do not know. Then, he knows the judge at Sarıyer Courthouse, must be the reason. We went there for many times. I was going there. There was a car park right across Sarıyer Courthouse. A hotel… A hotel named “…Pasha”, what “pasha” I don’t remember but he was meeting the attorney over there. Then, he would go to the court with that attorney. Maybe, not even for a trial but a meeting with the judge. Then he would come back and get on the car.”

As is known, the probate suit of Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı had first started with 2009/1 Numbered file at Sarıyer Court of Peace and continued there at Sarıyer until Çağlayan (a district in Istanbul) Courthouse was opened and operating again. What is more, some cases such as the action for making the inventory of the estate, other investigations, cancellation and registration of title due to collusion were also handled by Sarıyer Courthouse and proceeded for a long time. The recordings mentioned judges and prosecutors at Sarıyer Courthouse, being contacted on a regular basis and consistently. This point should also be examined and investigated for realization of justice.

The Article 277 of TCL;

“During an ongoing case or an ongoing investigation, a person who aims to influence an executive of justice, an expert or a witness illegally to have the decision based on a favor or animosity towards a party of the case, a suspect, a witness or the victim in court with the aims of disrupting the truth or creating an injustice, shall be sentenced to jail from 2 to 4 years.

We demand that suspect shall be punished according to this article in case any as such action is discovered to be real.

d)     Recordings include information about the suspect Mehmet Tatlıcı having a personal relation with the custodian as well.

After the passing of the deceased Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı, a trial began at the 2nd Court of Peace in İstanbul under the file number of 2013/55, regarding the determination of estate assets; and an estate administrator (custodian) was appointed in order to regulate movables and immovables included in the estate of the deceased Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı.

When the recordings are investigated and examined there is the assertion: “He was involved with the custodian, did you know? You should watch that custodian out!”

This action is regarded as a crime in the Article 288 of TCL. This article is as follows:

“A person who makes a written or oral statement to influence and manipulate an executive of justice, an expert or a witness by lawless means, in order to make a lawless decision, proceed a lawless action or make a false statement during an ongoing trial or an investigation in process, should be punished with punitive fine, no less than 50 days,”

According to the recordings, it is clearly understood that Mehmet Tatlici had paid to influence and enforce witnesses, tried to manipulate judges and prosecutors who handle cases with our client Uğur Tatlıcı is a party of, had an affair with the custodian who was appointed to the probate case and obtained a report from an İstanbul museum by means of bribing a museum manager. For these reasons, we demand that in case of any criminal action being confirmed to be a fact, an indictment shall be arrayed and suspect shall be punished in accordance with the Articles 277 and 288 of TCL’s.

2.) When the recordings are examined, it is clearly understood that the suspect Mehmet Tatlici had made journalist Erhan Öztürk create fake news, by means of paying him.

            There are such statements in the recordings;

“There is a hotel called the City. I wait right across from that hotel. He calls the journalist and he gives an envelope filled with 15.000 Turkish liras. The journalist is made to act the victim in a script written by Mr. Ali, that person is Erhan Öztürk. Kind of a fat man with a big head… We are at the same place. He has colored eyes. There is also an assistant with him. I mean, 15 billion Turkish liras given to that guy, then Mehmet Tatlici appears, or is made to be seen as the victim, the person who suffers in the public eye…”

We would like to emphasize this particular matter: During the trial dates (our client was a party to these trials), Erhan Öztürk’s brother who was a journalist at Akşam (a daily national newspaper in Turkey) would make various news about our client.

At this point, we reserve our right to apply to Media Ethics Council and similar supervisor organizations regarding Erhan Öztürk’s behavior.

Article 1 of Journalism Ethics and Standards is as follows;

“Journalism is a public duty; the basic purpose of the journalist is to inform public by producing news and insights. Journalism cannot become a means of personal gains and interests; no financial or spiritual gains can be obtained in return of distribution of news and information; no gifts can be accepted.”

Erhan Öztürk’s brother, Ercan Öztürk had been punished with a warning by Press Council twice, regarding the fake news he made about our client.

3.) When the recordings are examined, the suspect Mehmet Tatlici claims he has stolen paintings in his home, under his roof.

            In the recordings, statements as follows are made:

“… I know everything about that house. What room has what furniture,there are paintings at the top floor, I mean the penthouse. I don’t know whether they are the stolen ones, or not. But I know the paintings one by one. There are almost 20 or 25 paintings up there. Some of them are never hung on the walls. They are up there, at the penthouse.”

            “… Along with this, there is a huge storage space in Topkapı (a neighborhood in Istanbul). They take valuable sofas etc. to that place. I know it is somewhere in Topkapı. There is storage over there. They take things to that storage. So, even if the paintings are not up there in the penthouse, these paintings might be…”

Here, the claim about some stolen paintings is being made and under the circumstances of bringing the suspect Mehmet Tatlıcı to justice and interrogating him regarding this matter may have the power to reveal the truth about the assumed crime.

Final Demand: For the reasons stated and claimed above, we respectfully demand justice to be served under the circumstances of the suspect Mehmet Tatlici being responsible and active in these serious claims according to the Articles 141, 277 and 288 of Turkish Criminal Law. We respectfully ask for an indictment to be arrayed and the suspect to be punished if and only under the conditions of TCL.


The criminal complaint made to the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office in İstanbul regarding Mehmet Tatlici, includes these unbelievable claims and statements, which have been reflected directly here, without any interpretation or subjective paraphrasing.

We will continue to share following developments with our readers and the public.

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