The Lake Fermented, Hodja?


Mehmet Tatlıcı carries on with his soap-opera like scenarios without ceasing.  Mehmet Tatlıcı, who plans to make Nurten and Uğur Tatlıcı “sit around the table” with “his unique techniques” and get more share of his father’s heritage in the quickest way, continues to file charges against his father M.Salih Tatlıcı’s second wife and son in America as well.


With the case he filed in the USA, Mehmet Tatlici argued that her mother had (one billion) Turkish Liras (with former currency of Turkish Lira) owed to her for spiritual damages indemnity when she got a divorce from the late M. Salih Tatlıcı in 1992 and this amount had not been paid yet (!) and her mother transferred this receivable of spiritual damages indemnity to him (by putting her thumbprint?!), his father had sold some immovable properties in Turkey so as not to pay this debt for spiritual damages indemnity (!) and he had bought estates to his wife Nurten Tatlıcı and his son Uğur Tatlıcı with this money in USA (!), these estate purchases were fraudulent (!), in fact these estates belonged to late M. Salih Tatlıcı (!), he also had right on these estates (!) and he also demanded that the management of these estates which he claimed should be included in the inheritance shall be handed over to him (!!!).


Within the process of prosecution, Nurten Tatlıcı and Uğur Tatlıcı’s attorneys presented all the facts with the court in the USA:

They reported to the court that late M. Salih Tatlıcı had no debt to his first wife whom he made a kin marriage with and got divorced, namely Mehmet Tatlıcı’s mother, he had paid all the material and spiritual damage indemnity and maintenance debts to her abundantly at the time, apart from paying these debts, he even passed on to his estranged wife a quite precious estate in Istanbul Gümüşsuyu.


In addition to these explanations, Uğur and Nurten Tatlıcı’s attorneys stated that even if such a debt supposed to exist for a moment, transfer of spiritual damage indemnity is not possible, that kind of a transfer would only be possible by the approval of debtor; the debtor had passed away before such an agreement came into question, the claim of the late M. Salih Tatlıcı’s, who was reported to be 27th richest person of Turkey at the time he passed away by Forbes Magazine, selling his estates in order not to pay such a spiritual damage indemnity amount could only be described as ludicrous. Besides, they stated that the court decision about this spiritual damage indemnity dropped due to prescription as there had been 10 years since the finalisation of this court decision and that the law concerning the omission of six zeroes from the currency was deliberately tried to be kept away from sight while submitting the amount of indemnity. On the other hand, Mehmet Tatlıcı claimed that the court could not omit these six zeroes from the spiritual damage indemnity claim automatically, and this amount should even be updated in the course of time.


The ones reading above information and the ones knowing Mehmet Tatlıcı will immediately see that there is nothing strange. Once more, a “Mehmet Tatlıcı Classic”. The usual ‘‘What if it happens’’ strategy. Why wouldn’t he have another ‘‘Lottery Item’’ gained through Court?

He had won his first lottery not too long ago. Let us remember together:

(See. “Tatlıcı’ların Vasiyetnameyi Tenfiz Davasında Tuhaf Karar”)

Please see the editor’s note at the end of this news commentary on how Mehmet Tatlici’s “luck” slammed on the wall of Turkish law system and how Mehmet Tatlici lost his case in the end of judicial process.


For a moment, let us assume that the court found Mehmet Tatlıcı’s claim proper by chance and did not omit 6 zeroes from the currency. So called debt in question is 1 Billion Turkish Liras! That is annual income of 110.000 workers on minimum wage, 25.000 modest automobile, 6700 2+1 apartment worth of money. That’s not a serious amount (!) To crown it all, he says it should be adjusted for inflation! Good money to made hand over fist. May God grant plenitude!

Fortunately, judicial system in the USA is not open to manipulations and bespoke resolutions like the judicial system of some other countries.

The court in America has rejected Mehmet Tatlıcı’s allegations after about a three hours trial in the previous days. The amazing part is that the court has reached this resolution in spite of two separate sworn affidavits (!) prepared by a financial advisor and a lawyer who support Mehmet Tatlıcı’s thesis. The court has decided that Mehmet Tatlıcı should present a provision of law confirming his allegations so that his claims, which are unreasonable according to us, could be approved and granted Mehmet Tatlıcı 90 days of time period for presenting such a provision, if any.

Now the mystery is that: Where will Mehmet Tatlıcı find this unrealistic provision supporting his thesis?


Presently, we will share with our distinguished readers the secret recipe of a brilliant method developed especially for that kind of events. But first let’s remember together how Mehmet Tatlıcı was acquitted from the previous ‘‘Fake Translation’’ lawsuit:

(See the news, “Mehmet Tatlıcı okuma yazma bilmeyen yaşlı annesine nasıl parmak bastırdı?” and “Why did Mehmet Tatlici deceive his mother and niece?”)

Now we announce the secret, tested and trusted recipe of “What if it happens” method for the interested:

1- A provision which is somehow related to the matter is found.

2- This law is translated into English by sworn (!) translators. It is notarised.

3- A few articles which do not exist on the original law text, but support your thesis are mounted into the translation.

4- Translation is presented to the court abroad. Normally, the court believes what is written in the translation.

5- Did the opposite party’s attorneys discover the trick? It is no trouble at all. Go into plan B.

6- In case of a possible complaint or denunciation the one throwing himself into fire would be the sworn translator.

7- Of course, this point has to be discussed and agreed upon at the beginning.

8- The sworn translator says “Sorry, the papers had been mingled” in his testimony and you come out smelling like a rose.

Serve hot. Enjoy your meal!

We wish Mehmet Tatlıcı “good luck” in his struggle of finding the provision demanded by the court.

Let’s wait and see with which brilliant idea he will confront his fans this time…


There are judges and prosecutors being unyielding defendants of justice in this country. The ones not acting in good faith will not achieve what they do not deserve and they will be doomed to lose sooner or later. Despite everything, we have not lost our faith that the justice will be served. And we will never lose it…

Editor’s note: At the end of the judicial process, Mehmet Tatlici has lost all his lawsuits he had filed in order to get larger share from his deceased father’s inheritance by benefiting with “the grey holes” originated by the former and present civil codes in Turkish Law System. (see detailed information on the news: “Justice has been served again”)

Mehmet Tatlici has also played “his cards” on this judicial process in a way as he always applies for his “what if it does?” mentality. There are some sayings related with Mehmet Tatlici’s this “interesting” mentality in the daily language in Turkey and one of them is coming from the traditional folk jokes in Turkish culture.

So the title of this news commentary should need some explanation which is actually originated from traditional Turkish folk jokes where the main character is an extremely witty person named Nasreddin Hodja.

Here is the joke;

* What if it does

One day, Nasreddin Hodja walks over to the Lake with a bucket in his hand and starts pouring spoonfuls of yoghurt into the lake. Seeing Hodja near the lake with bucket full of yoghurt, the curious villagers ask:

– “What’s up, Hodja? What on earth you up to?”

– “I’m turning the lake into yoghurt” replies Hodja.

– “Reverend Hodja, could a lake ever be fermented?” the villagers retort.

– “I do know it wouldn’t, but what if it does?” is the reply from Hodja


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