UNT Holding Donates for the protection of Lions


How will our children see lions? Only in old photographs? UNT Holding makes another meaningful donation and aims to revert the answer to that question to “No!”. Along with projects regarding disabled citizens in Turkey and a better life standard for them, both socially and individually, UNT Holding also supports natural and environmental causes. Now, UNT Holding is contributing to the protection of endangered lions.

“Cause An Uproar” project carried out by National Geographic Society, regarding felidae family’s bigger members (lions, tigers, pumas, cheetahs, leopards…) is aiming to create global awareness and get support for wild life. Many institutions including UNT Holding as well as non-profit organizations and charitable people are contributing to this project.

Lions are about to become extinct!

There were more than one million lions two thousand years ago. By the 1940s, this number was reduced to 400.000. Main reason for this decline is unfortunately people’s greedy attitude towards our nature and world’s resources. Due to our mistakes, lions are reduced to 20.000 today.

Main purpose of this project that UNT Holding supports is stopping the decline of lions’ numbers and providing solutions for increasing this number. Extinction of any kind of animal causes great impacts upon both people and other animals. Therefore, stopping extinction is crucial for all of us.

Uğur Tatlıcı: “If we continue what we do, lions will become memories in photographs”

UNT Holding’s CEO Uğur Tatlıcı, who contributes to the protection of nature and environment as well as removal of barriers against the disabled citizens in Turkey, states significant words regarding his support for wild life:

“Lion is the king of animals. Lion is the symbol of courage, power, self-esteem and motivation, which has found a place for itself in our language as well. We have known lions through the fairy tales we all loved while we were kids. We respected these animals. We have also seen lions with our own eyes, lucky for us. Lion has found itself a place among sports world as well, becoming the symbol of one of Turkey’s biggest football clubs. If necessary measures are not taken, these animals will become extinct and our children, grandchildren will only see them in photographs. To watch such an esteemed and important animal become extinct could be one of humanity’s biggest faults.”

Uğur Tatlıcı: “We will keep supporting human beings and nature with respect”

Pointing out to his contributions to people, nature and environment, Uğur Tatlıcı summed his speech up: “My deceased father Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı was a charitable man who cared about the world. One of his favorite things was giving back to this world, which brought us many beauties. He taught us to respect such ideals and that was his legacy. My mother and I would like to keep our father’s name remembered through such meaningful causes. For this reason, we have collaborated with and donated to institutions such as Six Points Association for the Blind, Solidarity Association for the Physical Disabled, National Education Foundation, TEMA, Bosphorus University Technology Lab for the Blind. We are going to keep on giving, sharing and creating awareness in this world.”

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