UNT Holding has donated to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Australia


In addition to supporting causes related to providing better life standards for disabled citizens in Turkey, UNT Holding is also known for its worldwide donations and contribution for both local and global associations, which aim to protect wild life and nature. UNT Holding has added a brand new name to its list of contributions: Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Tasmania, Australia.


Bonorong (which means “local friend” in Aboriginal language) Wildlife Sanctuary was founded in 1981 in order to help wounded, lost animals both grown and young and has become the most popular wild life park of Australia.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary gets more than 3000 urgent calls regarding wounded and unattended wild animals, then runs to examine these situations and provides health support and a natural living space for especially endangered wild animals.

This foundation depends on donations and public support, and in the meantime has created an army of volunteers of 300 people.

Uğur Tatlıcı: We will keep on helping people and protecting natures gifts

UNT Holding, known for its endless efforts for protecting children’s educational rights and needs, as well as removal of the barriers against the disabled citizens in Turkey, is also contributing to natural and environmental protection programmes both in Turkey and worldwide. CEO of UNT Holding, Uğur Tatlıcı states:

“My deceased father Mehmet Salih Tatlıcı has taught us to help people, to respect and care for people and this world. So, now all we aim is to fulfill his legacy. Both UNT Holding and myself take place and give a hand to those projects regarding disabled citizens. We have planted thousands of trees and created memorial forests. We collaborated with associations and contributed to projects regarding natural and environmental protection as well as endangered species and animalsrights.”

“The donations made to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary are just an extension of all these endeavors. When you see how hard these volunteers work to protect wild life and animals here, it is impossible to remain immune and indifferent. You want to give. You want to help. We are creating awareness about humanity and nature here through these small but very crucial steps we take all around the world. Our love and respect for nature, human life and environment will continue to grow.”



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